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Love On A Rooftop

Now this is an update…
(I’m turning this into a Jaejoong blog day by day so I hate the way I love that dork.)

[TRANS] 100318 Taking the Photos for “Sunaoni Narenakute” Posters

Finally, the team “Sunaoni Narenakute” started. This time, we will send you the report of filming the poster. Eita-san, Ueno Juri-san, Jaejoong-san, Seki Megumi-san, and Tetsuji Tamayama-san participated.

The first work of the 5 actors (who are the main casts for this drama) was this poster filming. All the actors excluding Jaejoong-san had experiences of joint appearances, and for this drama, they have already started the rehearsals and have gone to a get-together dinner, so there was already a good atmosphere. You can see the lovely moods by just looking at the photos.

The poster was taken on the roof of Fuji TV bay area studio. The actors were playing around and pushing each other, bubbling over saying “Stop, stop!” According to the request from the staff “Everyone, please smile”, all the actors started to laugh out all at one, and was laughing at themselves… “We are not shy! It’s so fun!” shouted Eita-san, and then, all the surrounding staff were laughing out loud, too.

Jaejoong-san, who was the center of attention joked, “I will melt down if I have so much sunshine on myself…” and set everyone to laugh. He seemed to be very nervous during the rehearsal (he is saying “I am really nervous now, too”), but he definitely is the mood maker of this team!

Our next report will be the start of the filming! Please look forward to them!!

Source: Fuji TV “Sunaoni Narenakute”
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

I have always felt that Jaejoong is working in good hands with Juri and Eita. Juri and Eita have long been working since, as far as I know, in Orange Days. They both always have this great chemistry in taking eccentric characters first being awkward to each other then they’ll start weirdly liking each other as the story progresses just like in Last Friends. Both are multi-awarded too so seeing Jaejoong working with another one of those also make me feel tensed. But I’m glad he’s gaining experiences from them fast thus maybe sooner or later he would probably have his own drama that he’ll be leading. *excited* Baby steps first—baby steps.

“I will melt down if I have so much sunshine on myself…” LOL He’s just so showered with love by his co-stars. I hope he won’t find it corny. kekeke But it’s just so JaeJae to make everyone’s mood lighter. He’s like their baby and maybe they baby him too much as we call him Baby Jae.

And this is cute…

Eh…? Hugged by Eita-san?

Hmmm… Eita-X-Jae rabu?
Why does Jaejoong attract not only girls but also guys? TT__TT
He is really a guy that is so easy to love.

All he need is to eat, sleep and rest well. (~0~)

  1. Dya
    March 19, 2010 at 1:34 AM

    Yes, I’m so glad he’s getting along so well with the casts! Eita and Jae has become quite the best buddies. lol Anyways, I was so worry about him acting along side with some of the very top actors from Japan. But I have faith that he will learn fast and a lot from them. I’m sure they all will help him so he’ll do just fine.

    Baby isn’t looking like what his character suppose to look at all! He suppose to be 26 yrs old man instead, he looks 16! haha

  2. lynaeina
    March 19, 2010 at 1:46 AM

    Hi Dya! XD

    Yep! So I’ve read that they were drinking buddies now. 😀 I was also worried but it was just like deja vu to what happened in Heaven’s Postman—they were all helping him out. XD So I, too, am very fine with it.

    True, baby isn’t supposed to be looking younger. LOL Maybe he’ll grow a little bit of his beard then he’ll look like thirty? LOL 😀

  3. moony205
    March 19, 2010 at 5:59 AM

    I love that they are getting along already and seem comfortable together, it’s already a great atmosphere in which jae can learn. I’m also anxious as to how he will hold up against such experienced actors…whichever way it goes I know he will learn alot, I just wonder what kind of pressure he must feel, you know masked under all of his playfulness.

    Also, I’m kinda pissed they gave him such whimpy hairstyle. Put his fringe/bang up, please. It’s kinda too obvious in those photos that he is way preetier then his female co-stars. Man him up some (cause jae does look like a man under all the pretty the stylists play-up). Is this an intended lesbian romance? cause I’m quite baffled as to the styling choices made given his characters age and occupation.

  4. lynaeina
    March 19, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    I could only imagine the emotional turmoil he’s having while filming. He might be having insecurities and questions running in his mind like, “Am I good?” “Am I doing this right?” “Should I make it this way?” Bottling them up has been JJ’s forte, yes.

    I was expecting that they would change his look like some manly intellectual medical representative. LOL In my imagination, that’s how it should be. For me, I don’t know why some people would miss that JJ has the potential to be such a manly man for a change. I mean HE IS manly. They could start the make-over with, you’re right—his hair.

    I don’t think this would be another one of Juri’s lesbian romance. hehe Basing on this love chart:

    It seems like JJ is the one who’s giving love but isn’t going to be returned because Juri is in love with Eita. It also seems like the other girl (Megumi) likes the two leads. You’re bewildered about their styles that’s maybe because the Japanese have weird/ eccentric taste that one may not be accustomed to.

  5. moony205
    March 19, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    I was actually just jooking about the lesbian thing :))) I know Jae is in a one-sided love afair with Juri’s character. It’s just that I’m imagining their scenes together (oooh, the tension), and how feminine jae looks, and I get lesbian love. 2 heads, no faces, with that haircut = two women.

    I usually love japanese stylings, I know that they are kind of into soft looking men. I don’t expect them to make him look rugged, but I did expect maybe more styling to his hair, something to acentuate that he is the male rival to ueta’s character. Rite now I get best friend vibe, not potential love-rival, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Fighting Jaejae.

    side-note: I love me some lady gaga, but I did not love the video for telephone…really long and random. Oh and did you hear that unkow got invited to the london this is it concert? Among the names of other acts, I saw Beyonce, and immediatley thought about Jaejoong and his R&B love. Baby is going to be soo jealus.

  6. lynaeina
    March 19, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    Oh okay now I get what you mean. I was confused because Juri took a lesbian role before. LOL 😀 Hahaha! I can imagine.

    Now matter how many I’ve watched that video, I couldn’t get myself to like it that much. I was expecting something different. GaGa was depicting things which were not talking in the song. I love the song but not so much for the video even if Beyonce is there. And speaking of Honey B, oh boy, I can see JaeJae calling up U-know in the middle of the tribute to fanboy over his idol. 🙂

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