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Jaejoong’s Coffee Personality

Cappuccino is my fave but that’s another story.

Seeing some pictures of him grabbing an iced americano in a coffeehouse paints a big smile on my face. It just simply means he had time to relax, chat and play Anipang.

But what interests me is the coffee.

Jaejoong has mentioned alot of times in interviews that his favorite is americano. I’ve seen him in some shoots making espresso too.

Having an iced cold americano tells about his cold exterior & wants to keep it that way. He just wants coffee to keep him up. A practical person who can be straight to the point & very reliable at work. He might be the type to stay & talk about current events for a while.

Americano drinkers like to get a hold of their money. It doesn’t mean that they’re cheapskates but in fact a bit materialistic. They like to pay attention to details, even to the point of being annoying, to confirm its value. They can voice out their feelings well but to a certain extent. If they want something, they’d be happy to see it done.

In psychology, coffee is relatable to sex. In that case, he would preferably do it in a freezer if wants to. He’d probably like to have it anytime anywhere and goes for the shot even with some of his clothes on. It doesn’t mean it has to be good, it can be sloppy, but has the stamina to keep it coming for a long time. The type who can wake up next morning with a little or without feeling of guilt.

Some of it may be true to him or not  but to know him, one thing is for sure: don’t rely on the coffee—date him. Get him his usual blend, talk about music & beat him in Anipang. Good luck fishing!

(The writer is currently experiencing quarter life crisis. Confused whether to take that red pill or blue pill for a long long time.)

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