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Jaejoong’s Coffee Personality

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Cappuccino is my fave but that’s another story.

Seeing some pictures of him grabbing an iced americano in a coffeehouse paints a big smile on my face. It just simply means he had time to relax, chat and play Anipang.

But what interests me is the coffee.

Jaejoong has mentioned alot of times in interviews that his favorite is americano. I’ve seen him in some shoots making espresso too.

Having an iced cold americano tells about his cold exterior & wants to keep it that way. He just wants coffee to keep him up. A practical person who can be straight to the point & very reliable at work. He might be the type to stay & talk about current events for a while.

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Kim Jaejoong – Living Like A Dream (살아도 꿈인 것처럼) Hangul + Romaji Lyrics

May 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Title: Living Like A Dream
Artist: Kim Jaejoong
Album: Dr. Jin OST Part 1
Date: 25/05/2012

내가 기억해
naega gieoghae
너무 사랑했던
neomu salanghaessdeon
나의 여자라는 걸 기억해 너만큼은
naui yeojalaneun geol gieoghae neomankeum-eun
시간이 지나도
sigan-i jinado
너의 숨결이 남아
neoui sumgyeol-i nam-a
널 간직하고
neol ganjighago
마치 나의 품에 안겨있는 것처럼
machi naui pum-e angyeoissneun geoscheoleom

꿈일지도 몰라
kkum-iljido molla
너에게 줬던 얕은 상처가
neoege jwossdeon yat-eun sangcheoga
내게 주는 깊은 벌일지도 몰라
naege juneun gip-eun beol-iljido molla
미안해서 한참을 울어요
mianhaeseo hancham-eul ul-eoyo
알 수 없는 곳에
al su eobsneun gos-e
마치 또 다른 세상에 있어
machi tto daleun sesang-e iss-eo
날 추억에 버렸나요
nal chueog-e beolyeossnayo
옆에 있어도 넌 내게 없는 것처럼
yeop-e iss-eodo neon naege eobsneun geoscheoleom

니가 없는 곳에
niga eobsneun gos-e
더는 머물러 있을 수 없어
deoneun meomulleo iss-eul su eobs-eo
다른 사람마저 사랑하는 니가
daleun salammajeo salanghaneun niga
미워질까 한참을 울어요
miwojilkka hancham-eul ul-eoyo
알 수 없는 곳에
al su eobsneun gos-e
마치 또 다른 세상에 있어
machi tto daleun sesang-e iss-eo
다른 사랑을 하나요
daleun salang-eul hanayo
내가 없어도 넌 행복해질 것처럼
naega eobs-eodo neon haengboghaejil geoscheoleom

어떤 공간에 있더라도
eotteon gong-gan-e issdeolado
내겐 너 하나죠
naegen neo hanajyo
모두 변해도
modu byeonhaedo
너에게 떠나
neoege tteona
나 네게 없어도
na nege eobs-eodo

지금처럼 웃을 수 있나요
jigeumcheoleom us-eul su issnayo
이대론 살아도 난
idaelon sal-ado nan
살아 있지 않는 것처럼
sal-a issji anhneun geoscheoleom
알 수 없어 너와
al su eobs-eo neowa

[Pics] 120517 Jaejoong in Dr. Jin Press Conference

May 18, 2012 Leave a comment

JYJ’s New MV “Get Out” Showcases Their Own Cars! New LG Endorser Too!

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I love JYJ’s cars or any super car for that matter. I’m always curious about their taste on cars because… it explains something to me. *ehem* Now, for some reason, they made their own cars co-stars in their new MV Get Out, which is an awesome video, I might add.

Although I have alot to say about the video, I’m not here for that. I just want to drool on the cars spcially Jae’s shiny Murcielago~~ (^3^)~<3

As for the MV, I only saw it ten times and still counting…

And congrats to JYJ for grabbed the endorsement for a BIG brand name in technology, LG, for Optimus Q2.

It’s not my type of phone because it’s QWERTY & sliding. I know those kinds of phones don’t last on me. But a whopping 1.2GHz Dual Core just blew me out. I bet it’ll set the bar high on future phone releases.

Hopefully I’ll get to see their standees on LG stores here.

They’re way too far not since their Ayy Girl days and I pray more opportunities like these will come to them in the future.

Weather the storm, JYJ!

My Birthday Pic Spam: Jaejoong 2008 Jamshil Stadium

July 8, 2011 1 comment

August 2008. I remember it was at this time around when I was contemplating about turning to a DBSK fan. I don’t know why it took so long to like all the five but never for Jaejoong.

Since baby boo is so busy in my day, I really have to abuse him.

Download ZIP (40 JPEGs, 10 MB)

Bebeh, lemme just finish what I’m doing so I can get back to you.

Please Lord~ TT^TT

June 2, 2011 4 comments

Please give this man a girlfriend.
Any girlfriend.
He sounds so desperate.
I can feel his pain & loneliness.

But Jaejoong,
why do you have to push her against the wall
just to hear you say
“I love you very much”?
Are you trying to lead her into something?

But I think I get the picture…

Yep. That’s me & him.

How to make clay pot making sexy the Asian way?

June 1, 2011 Leave a comment

This Asian version of the Amrican movie Ghost is not to be just shrugged off. Though a remake, it has the sweetness of most Korean melodramas and the perplexity of most Japanese movies.

Of course the ever popular pot-making scene is present…

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