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Jaejoong’s Coffee Personality

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Cappuccino is my fave but that’s another story.

Seeing some pictures of him grabbing an iced americano in a coffeehouse paints a big smile on my face. It just simply means he had time to relax, chat and play Anipang.

But what interests me is the coffee.

Jaejoong has mentioned alot of times in interviews that his favorite is americano. I’ve seen him in some shoots making espresso too.

Having an iced cold americano tells about his cold exterior & wants to keep it that way. He just wants coffee to keep him up. A practical person who can be straight to the point & very reliable at work. He might be the type to stay & talk about current events for a while.

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Download: Jaejoong Dr. Jin Fanmeeting

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Size: 1.67 GB
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Format: WMV (join through HJSplit)

Credit: KKLoveJJ

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Kim Jaejoong – Living Like A Dream (살아도 꿈인 것처럼) Hangul + Romaji Lyrics

May 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Title: Living Like A Dream
Artist: Kim Jaejoong
Album: Dr. Jin OST Part 1
Date: 25/05/2012

내가 기억해
naega gieoghae
너무 사랑했던
neomu salanghaessdeon
나의 여자라는 걸 기억해 너만큼은
naui yeojalaneun geol gieoghae neomankeum-eun
시간이 지나도
sigan-i jinado
너의 숨결이 남아
neoui sumgyeol-i nam-a
널 간직하고
neol ganjighago
마치 나의 품에 안겨있는 것처럼
machi naui pum-e angyeoissneun geoscheoleom

꿈일지도 몰라
kkum-iljido molla
너에게 줬던 얕은 상처가
neoege jwossdeon yat-eun sangcheoga
내게 주는 깊은 벌일지도 몰라
naege juneun gip-eun beol-iljido molla
미안해서 한참을 울어요
mianhaeseo hancham-eul ul-eoyo
알 수 없는 곳에
al su eobsneun gos-e
마치 또 다른 세상에 있어
machi tto daleun sesang-e iss-eo
날 추억에 버렸나요
nal chueog-e beolyeossnayo
옆에 있어도 넌 내게 없는 것처럼
yeop-e iss-eodo neon naege eobsneun geoscheoleom

니가 없는 곳에
niga eobsneun gos-e
더는 머물러 있을 수 없어
deoneun meomulleo iss-eul su eobs-eo
다른 사람마저 사랑하는 니가
daleun salammajeo salanghaneun niga
미워질까 한참을 울어요
miwojilkka hancham-eul ul-eoyo
알 수 없는 곳에
al su eobsneun gos-e
마치 또 다른 세상에 있어
machi tto daleun sesang-e iss-eo
다른 사랑을 하나요
daleun salang-eul hanayo
내가 없어도 넌 행복해질 것처럼
naega eobs-eodo neon haengboghaejil geoscheoleom

어떤 공간에 있더라도
eotteon gong-gan-e issdeolado
내겐 너 하나죠
naegen neo hanajyo
모두 변해도
modu byeonhaedo
너에게 떠나
neoege tteona
나 네게 없어도
na nege eobs-eodo

지금처럼 웃을 수 있나요
jigeumcheoleom us-eul su issnayo
이대론 살아도 난
idaelon sal-ado nan
살아 있지 않는 것처럼
sal-a issji anhneun geoscheoleom
알 수 없어 너와
al su eobs-eo neowa

[Pics] 120517 Jaejoong in Dr. Jin Press Conference

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Protected: Xia Junsu – “No Gain” Lyrics

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Protected: He’s MY HO… Nobody But Mine

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[NC-17; Fan Fic] A Night to Remember (One shot)

March 5, 2012 1 comment


TITLE : A Night to Remember
AUTHOR: Lynaeina
PAIRINGS: Jaejoong X Max Han ( + Yoochun)
CATEGORY: Romance, Mature
SUMMARY: Max is an aspiring lawyer. How will moving in to a new co-ed dorm change her life?
DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is intended. Please do not post, alter or distribute this story without the author’s permission.


“Oh… Harder.”

“Can you please take your fucking somewhere?!? I can’t concentrate here!” Maxandrea Han roared on the wall as she tried to rap it to its destruction. Some homosexual occupants on the other side are deafeningly slamming their way to satisfaction for three hours. She has nothing against gays but only if they could just learn to respect other people’s privacy especially for a law student who is about to take her board exam.

“Okay this is it! I’ve had enough of this godforsaken place!”

She had told the landlady about this weeks ago but up to this date, no actions have been taken. She thought these jerks must have paid a lump sum for their weekend love motel accommodations.

To her annoyance, she searched online for the nearest & most expensive dormitory, signed the application and booked it without care.

“Fine! Fuck yourselves up ‘til you die! I’m leaving!”

She hauled her travel case on the pavement of the Neo-classical facade of her new dormitory. It has a clean blossoming garden with patio, some swings and Starbucks! She branded it as a student’s mini paradise in the middle of the city.

This is totally worth it.

She scanned on the door numbers and remembered hers is 106. It was located last among the rooms of the east side. She rang the doorbell and seconds after, the door flew open.

“May I help you?” He was greeted with a tall guy about five feet nine inches tall, rosy fleshy cheeks and the most charming smile with perfect white teeth. She thought he might be a model of some toothpaste commercial.

“Yes. I was told this is the only available room here. I’m your new roommate.”

“But there must some mistake. We were told that there’ll be a guy named Max.”

“That would be me. I’m Max Han. Maxandrea Han to be exact.” She might have just written Max on the form without knowing it. But it is quite impossible if she was mistaken for a boy since she indicated too that she’s female. “I think there is a mistake. It was clearly stated on the ad that this is co-ed.”

“What’s taking you so long, Yoochun?” Another voice came from behind the toothpaste model as another guy flew the door wider. She also regarded the new guy as a model of the same height but since he has white creamy skin and refined features, he might be Burberry or McQueen’s model.

“Meet our new roommie.”

“A girl? How?”

“Seems like they changed the rules here without notice.”

Casa del Castillo has been in need of tenants lately and this, he thought, might be the solution to handle the rising expenses.

Yoochun walked back to the sofa to his consoles. “Make yourself feel at home.” He said while pretending to be engrossed with his game.

Max was left with the Burberry model who could paralyze an elephant with his intense gaze.

“Let me get that for you.” He motioned for her satchels & carrier.

“No. It’s okay. I can manage.”

“You know what? You shouldn’t let a gentleman’s offer down. It’s as if you’ve cut his balls out.” He pried her belongings from her hands before she could utter a word.

Like a baby, she followed him like he is the master of the house. Without anything to mind, she couldn’t help but notice how his muscles bulge in contraction to the weight of her bags. She was astounded as he carried them all through the stairs like cotton & when he felt her gaze on him she looked away to the paintings on the wall. She was somehow happy she made it to her room without slavering.

“Wow.” She was surprised how spacious & chic a dorm room can get. She was glad that none in her room was too girly for her own taste. She paced to the window and came to view the whole garden.

“I’ve just cleaned it yesterday. Sorry if the sheets may be too masculine for your taste.”

She noticed the skull patterns on the black comforter and pillows. The room is wallpapered with black and white abstract paint splatter.

“No. This is already cool. I’m not the Malibu Barbie type of girl. And you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll only be here for two weeks. You guys can act like I never existed in that period.”

“Why do you talk that way as if we don’t want you? We haven’t known each other yet.”

“Well isn’t—”

“I’m Kim Jaejoong. Jae.” He offered his hand but since she hesitantly took it, he fervently grabbed her hand and held it firmly. “I’m sorry for awhile ago. Yoochun is having one his days again.”

She nodded as if she understood. “It’s okay. I’m Maxandrea Han but you can call me Max.” She beamed her sweetest smile unknowingly showing her dimples to him.

She caught Jaejoong openly staring at her for those moments and turned away. Awkwardness was in the air for at least five seconds before she broke it up in a croaky toad voice.

“Thanks for tidying up my room. I’ll make it up to you some time.”

“No problem. The pleasure is all mine. It’s not all the time we get a female roommate.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes. What?”

“Are you and Yoochun…”

He raised an eyebrow expecting her to finish the question.

“…you know?”

“Best friends?”

“Uhmmm… Could it be more than that?”

“Oh no no no no.” Jaejoong shook his head as if shaking the thought off.


“Why do you ask? Are you homophobic?”

“No. To tell you frankly, I moved out of the previous dorm because—never mind. Forget it. Thanks again.”

Jaejoong motioned to the door and paused before he could forget to remind her of the ground rules. “Dinner is always at seven, breakfast at six-thirty and lunch at twelve sharp. If there’s anything, let us know or ask the landlady. And, Max?”

“Yes, Jaejoong?”

“Whatever we do outside, you won’t be bothered here. The walls here are soundproof.”

Is he a mind reader? She let out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.”

“Enjoy your stay.”

The first few nights were peaceful & productive for Max. She was able to finish ten books and it was more than what she bargained for. She thought she would visit the dorm again if there is a need to.

She decided to go out for a brisk walk in the garden with some stretches along the way. As she made a turn to the fountain, she noticed a familiar figure. It was Jaejoong. She did not want to disturb him on his cigarette break but too late to back out now since he already noticed her.

“Are you lost?”

She turned to face him & there he was like an angel glistening under the silvery moon.

“Come join me. Do you smoke?” He offered her his pack of Marlboro Lights and motioned for her to sit down.

“Yes but no thank you. I don’t feel like having one now. Smoking decreases recall ability.” She remained standing instead.

“Then, I can only wish you good luck and do your best.” He made a fighting sign with his fist.

She laughed. “Thank you. I have to go back.” She was about turn when she felt his hand on hers.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Knowing what he just did, he slowly let go of her hand.

“What? What made you think that way?”

“You’ve been here for three days but you never joined us for dinner. If you didn’t notice, I’ve been cooking these days.”

She was really sorry for him. She thought that guys would not care. That they are too insensitive to care. “I thought I said that you guys should act like I never existed.”

Jaejoong suddenly stood up next to her, overpowering her with his height. He was slowly intimidating her, trapping her with all his presence leading her too paralyzed to speak for the harmless attack.

“How can I ever think that a beauty like you doesn’t exist?”

He slowly lowered his head onto hers and she was too confused to move. She could smell mint cigarettes and Kenneth Cole on him. The combination is so drugging that when her mind told her to run away, her body resisted.

His lips touched hers and she closed her eyes as he was playing on them with his tongue. She could only moan for a response.

“Oh my god. This is too dangerous. You’re so beautiful, Max.” He pulled her close on his chest and wrapped a lock of her hair around his fingers and smelled it. “You’re so… intoxicating.”

Max did not know how to react with such praises. She had never been with men who are openly confessing their feelings. Her fondness for him intensified tenfold because of his honesty.

She tried her best to be as rigid as a log but with her vision as hazy as a fog in winter she was feeling wobbly. She was almost dying when she saw the proof of his raw desire.

“Do—do you—want me to—to—ease your pain?” She looked down on the burgeoning groin in his pants.

“Oh god. I’m sorry to frighten you but I want you. I want you so bad, Max, if it’s alright with you.”

She looked at him with wide eyes and nodded shyly.

The next thing she could remember was that Jaejoong was carrying her to her room. Things were moving fast as they were kissing on the bed, their clothes scattered on the floor and clad only with their underwear.

Jaejoong slowly reached behind her back to undo her bra and threw it on the floor. She immediately covered herself as sudden gush of cold chill swept on her.

“Are you cold?”

“Yes. But I’m also afraid.”

“Let me warm your heart & take all those fears away.”

He slowly pulled down her panties exposing the curls on the junction of her thighs.

“You’re so tempting. Let me have you tonight, Maxie. Touch me.”

He guided her hands on his chest. He was so warm that she wanted all his heat to herself. She caressed his nipples and taking one into her mouth making him growl.

“Oh god, yes. That feels good.”

She continued exploring his body with her hands from his thin waist, abs and until she reached the area of his groin where she hesitated to.

“Feel me.”

He molded her hand on his erection gaining a reflex to clench her toes and arch forward.

“Oh my.” She cried. She realized that she too was also aching. She could see tears on her lids clouding her vision as she was longing for her release.

He pulled a bit to take off his boxers. He was gloriously naked now like a god sculpted to be worshipped. He wrapped her hand around his shaft and whispered instructions to her ear until he was closing his eyes as if in pain.

“Okay, baby. That’s enough before we’ll come undone.”

“Jae—I want.”

“Yes, I know what you want, baby. Just give me a minute to catch my breath.”

He parted her legs with his knee and fumbled the bud of her wet folds with his middle finger.

She gasped in pleasure and her breathing doubled.

“You’re so wet, Maxie. I can see you want me too.”

“Yes! Please! I want all of you inside of me now!”

He was not able to resist plunging inside of her rosy wetness and too shocked that it was too late to notice the sheathing resistance.

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want me. But… don’t worry about it. I know there’s no other way.”

“Yes there is. We could have gone slower.” He wanted to lecture her but it was difficult to speak as she was so hot & tight around him.

She could only muffle her words as the sensation of his long shaft embedded within her is rising. She slowly began to move.

“You’re greedy.” Jaejoong chuckled.

“Please. Jae. I want.” She splayed her hands behind his back encouraging him to move too.

It was all the encouragement he needed.

“Wrap your legs around me, Maxie. Yes, like that. Put your arms around my neck too. Good girl. And now, look into my eyes. Remember, tonight you’re mine.”

She felt so intimately wrapped around him and felt that she truly belonged to him. She stared back on to his eyes and saw herself there.

Jaejoong started with long slow thrusts and paced into long strong ones. She can feel the pressure building up in her core with every thrust. She clutched him so hard like a victim entrusting her dear life to her savior. His thrusts eventually became rapid & forceful that beads of sweat were hanging all over his face.

She came to the brink of pleasure shouting his name. He pulled out for his final thrust before pouring his seeds in her.

Jaejoong buried his face on the long tresses of her hair on the pillow while Max was convulsing from pleasure still feeling his pulsations inside of her.

“Oh god, Max. That was marvelous.”

He was kissing her again, cupping her breasts and rubbed his legs against hers.

“Please, Jae, don’t move. I’m still sensitive.”

He laughed so loud that his voice boomed in her room. “I feel like giving you more orgasms tonight.”

She only managed to give him a smile while her lids were beginning to droop.

“Hey. Are you going to sleep on me?”

“Yes. I have a headache. I guess this is what they call post-coital headache. You just have to be steady.”

“Am I very good?”

“Yes. It was nice but I can’t compare it as this is my first time.”

“This will not be the first and last.” He stressed his point by pulling slowly and oh so unhurriedly pushed himself inside her again which earned him a hiss.

“Not… now… please…”

Max’s eyes gave up and seconds later she was snoozing in front of him. Jaejoong was thoughtful enough to pull the covers on them and snuggled on her side.

It was the first time that Jaejoong slept soundly after three years. He also had the best dream of his life. He saw his son flying paper airplanes on the yard as his wife is so pregnant with their second child while reading a book under a tree. It was a picturesque sight as he found himself on that dream sleeping on his wife’s lap too.

He woke up remembering the dream vividly & clearly with Maxie still sleeping soundly in his arms. He was watching her sleep and strongly determined to make that dream come true.


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