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Rant: Jaejoong’s GREEN Lightsticks

I can’t believe these fans still can’t get Jaejoong’s sense of humor up to now. Are they old enough in this fandom to know Jaejoong well?

When he’s asked by Yuchun if the green lights are his then he answered “no” is because he was joking to the bone. He can tell a joke with a straight face so he looks seriously meaning it but he isn’t.

Jaejoong is not an idiot to have not recognized his own lightstick color after all these years. Years that fans have been waving the color in front of him even engraved with his name with LEDs to match.

Please don’t make it an issue because you’re hurt that Jaejoong doesn’t want to acknowledge your color & you want to reverse the situation.

You’re hurt. Admit it.

The guy is so humble that he refuses to admit he’s the most popular in China judging on the colors and that’s one admirable trait. Don’t you stain his humility by making distorted stories & gagging fans who tell the truth.

You should contemplate if you can still call yourself a JYJ fan because I think you’re not. Your motives are seeping through that plastic mask.

  1. Rimi
    August 10, 2014 at 9:50 PM

    i dont think he is joking..

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