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What if Jaejoong is Really My Boo? *delusion.com*

One thing is for sure aside from being nuclear bombed by 1.5M other fangirls, is on how to cope up with Jaejoong’s style. T_T

So here he goes in his room picking clothes in his closet, mix and matching, things like that and then he just goes out of the room looking wonderful… It’s going to be a big problem for me because the guy is more beautiful and dashing with charisma so sexy blah blah blah. It’s difficult to be with a guy like that. In general, girls should be more “beautiful” than guys because, as they say, the Lord created them for guys to be attracted to. But this guy is just… *speechless*

Jae is known to have good airport fashion. It’s one of the venues where fans can see him strut his own style. this one looked like he was sporting a punk 80’s look with faded jeans. I remember, I used to wear it when I was five as well as the skirt too.
I hate short skirts that are really short so it’s got to have tights. It’s multicolored because it’s inspired from Jaejoong’s shoes.

This is something to go with his skull-themed tattered white shirt. I love flip-flops too like Yoochun.

I love Jaejoong’s shoes here but I can’t wear it. Only it’s female counterpart. The rest of it is inspired from Serena van der Woodsen.

This is when the boyfriend becomes The Boss. Pink because that’s the only color on him & I’m celebrating with him.
Reality is, I will not know how to act if he’s doing serious business.


Something for nothing…

JYJ Stalker. One can’t wear heels with all the waiting and the running for indefinite periods. Jaejoong may be angry for intruding his privacy but he might not confiscate that camera because he thought he has one cute stalker. Hoods & sunglasses are a must-haves.

For the emo junkie. When the canvass calls and the acrylics sing, it’s time to sit on a green grass and paint the view; or for the inner poet who listens to the sound of the sea breeze; it’s more comfy in dirty old sneakers. Also nice if Jaejoong is recording finish & got nothing to do but play sudoku while waiting for him.

For JYJ’s girl. This one is a mix of GD-TaeYang-Jaejoong style specially for watching my babies’ concert. Those LV sneakers are for the flash mob dance of  Be My Girl. I don’t even now if these will look good on a person.

I don’t know what to call this and I don’t know what occasion it is for but I like it. 🙂 Or maybe let’s just say we went to that after party in Grand Intercontinental.

I like it better when Jaejoong is left to dress for himself. I always approve of his edgy style.

Reality is that there is only 0.0000000000000000000001% chance of being Jaejoong’s girlfriend. Lesser that chance when you already have someone, other than Jaejoong, in mind.

  1. Lucero
    May 13, 2012 at 1:36 AM

    I love it so much! Yeah I admire Jaejoong, he is so perfect… *-* also I really like the outfits, Yeah fantatic baby 😀

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