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Review: Skullcandy Icon 2 Abel High Card

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I took a break from buy anything fandom-related and splurged on to something that will quench my audiophilic needs. I believe it’s quite essential for a fangirl to invest on good headphones. If a new song has just been released from your music group, there’s nothing more listening to the crystal clear sound quality from the vocals anytime anywhere.

Because of that I bought my new baby, the Skullcandy Icon 2 Abel High Card headphone.

I really had a love at first sight with this when I first saw it online. I’ts red and black! They’re one of my favorite color combinations. I’m not really a girly girl type so the skull logo with the black background is just my thing. There are lots of designs to choose from  like rasta, black & white and pink that will suit to anybody’s taste.

I bought it for around $42. I know. Kind of pricey if they sell it here. But besides all that, I love the packaging and I really had a hard time unboxing it because the plastic was stapled so tight. It also came with a free sticker and the warranty card.

The Look…

So let’s start with the jack. The jack fits perfectly into my mp3 player and to my cellphone. No problem with that.

What I love about it is that the wire is nylon and it is also black where the dirt can’t be seen easily. It’s perfect for me because I’m messy most of the time. Then it also has a mic for answering phone calls.

The cushions are just perfect. It has this car feel when I put them on my ears. The designs on the base of the phones are also changeable as it comes with extra ones.

The neck and the whole of it is made up of plastic. I believe it’s very durable since I can bend them side ways. It also has little white skulls painted on it.

The body is rubberized. I don’t feel uncomfortable when it sits on my head and sometimes I forget that it’s already on. It’s really good when I’m working out.

The Sound…

Now the sound which is most I am particular about is just perfect for this type of headphones. It’s not too stereo nor having the boom of a bass so it’s quite balanced for me. Sometimes when I feel like putting a little more bass into it, I just adjust the equalizer. Unlike earbuds that I’m unaware of the surroundings once the music is on, I could still hear my environment if I put the volume on mid level which quite convenient for me because I don’t want to miss when my dad calls for dinner & left behind with just leftovers. If one needs a bassy headphone then this is not the thing for them. It’s more of its lightweight and its look rather than having a solo club party for the ears.


Overall, I really like it. It’s lightweight, the design is cool and the quality of the sound is not compromised. I give it 8.75/10 for consumer headphones.

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