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Oh why did he just do that?

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A lot happened in the making of this NII photoshoot but this one is thought-grabbing…

I really thought Junsu is going to pinch JJ’s nipple or something. :-X
That was my naughty twin speaking.

What made it funny is that Yoochun might have intentionally or untentionally hit Junsu after that.

Oooops… He did it again.
Funny thing is… he didn’t say sorry right away. Hmmm…


These are really one of few shots I like in that shoot:

Everyone stares when Micky tries to the handsome guy pose. ^^


This picture makes me feel like they also went to a coed where learning is mixed with Friday night dorm parties and hooking up with the most popular girls in campus. Oh believe me, sometimes I wish they just all did that.

A story can be made about it though. Jaejoong is an obsessive boyfriend but very sweet & loyal, probably the rugby team captain. Yoochun is your boyfriend’s bestfriend and also happens to be your bestfriend whom you have a mutual attraction with. Junsu would probably the nerd guy who is the middle of everything & knows what’s happening but keeps his mouth shut. And… you’re the lucky girl whom their worlds revolve around with.

What usually happens in high school dramas are love triangles so who would the girl pick Dawson Leery or Pacey Witter?

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