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Jaejoong’s Killer Lines on MBN’s VIP Mag Interview

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was watching their noon time interview before goint to class and was laughing again to read these bombs:

The foam was caused by the foam cleansing… I was trying to clean myself up (face portion) and I thought that’s right I need to take a picture of it.

That’s a side of him that I can bear. It’s cute. I don’t know if he spends more time on the mirror than me as long as when he is finished and he looks just as very pleasing to my eyes then I think I can wait in the car without honking.

I like bathtub kiss after I get married…  with my wife… having shower together… and make the foams…

This line was driving me nuts among with other girls crazy about him. This is so Intermodulation but in anyhow, I begin to think that the boys are getting pervier nowadays. I think none are complaining; only nodding their heads at this point.

It was rumored that there was one nightclub in Kangnam… and I was there booking…  but in reality, it was the fans who wanted to be booked so they went there. I don’t go to nightclubs and… I stopped going since a long time back. And I don’t think I will want to go anymore. So, please do other things.

LOL. He may be pissed off by this. He doesn’t want to get fans in trouble because of him. He visited a few times before maybe but he didn’t like it. Or just a wild theory: He’s still visiting but Yoochun is covering up for him. It’s something to think about but unnecessary to dig in deeply. Boys will always be boys.

When you wanted it badly, it just doesn’t come true. Because my parents are of an older age, and they said they want to carry their grandchildren soon.

Hmm… The same also for his father-in-law & grandmother-in-law (my father & grandmother). Parents don’t know how pressured we are when they say things like that. We prefer soaking in our careers and being successful for a brighter future by not getting pregnant and here they are wanting to destroy it. LOL It’s so confusing and good thing we’re still keeping our sanity.

It seems like firstly, I need to have a girlfriend. If you’re somewhere, please come quickly. I want to die~

Trans cre: @inhye8

I personally want Jae to be happy in his own time and in his own accord. I certainly don’t want to pressure him too although I’m concerned that he doesn’t have a girlfriend for a long time. There are many viable girls out there but I really don’t know who or what  he is waiting for. He’s successful and good-looking—almost everything. Maybe he has found someone but he’s still not ready to make a move. He’s interested in kids but not ready to make a commitment. I understand him so much. It seems like we’re in the same boat—enjoying singlehood. One thing is that we choose to love so I guess it can wait.

  1. karine madelo
    March 16, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    hello is that true that you going married soon? ohhhh boy

    • lynaeina
      March 16, 2011 at 7:06 PM

      is that question directed to me or to jaejoong?

      if it’s to me, then no.
      if it’s to jaejoong, it’s better to ask him. 😀 but he said he won’t be getting married anytime sooner.

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