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It was…

February 7, 2011

I am letting my heart out on this couple because I’m already bursting at the seams.
If there is a couple in the history of Dong Bang that is impossible to ignore, it’s YunJae. These guys, with almost opposite personalities to each other are so attractive to girls and girls at heart.

Whatever they had, may it be friendship, more than friends or whatever others may perceive is gathering dust and cobwebs or even rusting at the moment because they’re caught up whirling in a tornado of the unknown. As of now, there is still no verdict of that lawsuit and if ever there was, I don’t think everything will be back to the way it was before.

Nobody wanted that they would end up like this. I doubt it too, when JYJ filed that suit, that they knew they would end out like this but they are prepared for everything. Nobody ever wants any couple in DBSK to break up. I love Soulmate & Kiss couples too. I’m also sad that Kiss couple got affected. I am not happy to think that Yoochun doesn’t have his schoolmate to really have an intellectual conversation with. These two loves to bully Junsu up to his limits and making those sexy counting stuffs so they are really special to me.

What I don’t like is that some fans are really not getting the whole picture. Let’s just accept that YunJae is at its obsolescence. Let’s just accept that Yunho & Jaejoong relationship has a crack. To my thinking, I concluded that Jaejoong was offended by the reply Yunho gave to him about not contacting with each other. They were pointing at each other on who is at fault and getting all their fans confused. By the tone and manner of how it was tweeted, I feel like Jaejoong was angry for the first time in front of the awaiting flaming public. He risked alot saying those words and yes including having more haters. The tweet even caused one of the major YunJae fansites in Korea to close and turned pro-Yunho.

It’s really disheartening to see fans proportion themselves to their biases but that is truly the case. If one has to practice the cause of what the boys are fighting for/  their beliefs, she really has to decide which side she’ll be in. If she wants to support all of the five, playing both sides, it will be twice the effort having double standards. True fans don’t bring other artists down but to get other people listen to their artist’s music.

I just hope that nobody bothers Jaejoong or Yunho about YunJae anymore, it’s making both of them always feel guilty and feel sorry for the fans which shouldn’t be because I don’t want them to have more wrinkles on their forehead. I hope fans will be more vigilant in what they tweet since it could lead them to stay away from Twitter for good. If they want to ship their couples, they should do it by their own selves. The boys’ priorities are neither the coupling or fanservice but to express their feelings through music & cater it to the people who listen.

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