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Jaejoong, would you be my wifey?

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Jae, would you be my wifey?

Have my kids and  do the honor of carrying them for nine months too?

I’ll buy you anything—a ring, anything you want.

We’ll have a house beside the beach so we could walk hand in hand on the sand.

I’ll take you to places you’ve never been before.

I’ll love you everyday from night ’til the morn , from dusk ’til dawn.

That’s how it’s gonna be, baby, when you’re gonna be with me.




Damn. What’s going on with me today? I saw this picture of JJ washing the dishes and all of a sudden I want him to be my wife. LOL Not a husband uh-uh but a full time wife. I mean, how many guys could wash like that. Any man who has the mastery of mug-spinning and accuracy like that  might have been washing too many dishes & mugs all his life. The man even knows how to make soup, loves kids and is already successful. What can a lifetime partner ask anything more?

He’s the kind of man any woman would like to cherish all the days of her life.


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