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Why I Hate Calling “Oppa”

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Of all the things that I hate to do is saying “oppa”. This guy here totally understands how I feel.

I love being cute but not overly cute to the point that I have to do that to a guy. I mean, I’m Asian (not Korean nor Japanese) but I know Asian girls would love to do that too. I don’t know but I’ve never done that to any guy in my whole life before and they seem to like me even better. To act cute just to get my way on things is just… :-X

Saying “oppa” with that cute tone is just not me. So sorry Jaejoong if you want me to call you oppa in front but I would rather call you dongsaeng since I’m older than you. Wakkarimasu?

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