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Intermodulation B&W’s

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I loooove black & whites & macro photography…

Baby boo really hired one good photographer. I was kind of confused when he was speaking Korean to the cameraman and then Japanese to some of the staff. It left me to think that he had a mixture ethnicity working for him. (Baby boo help me out here.)

I assume Jaejoong must be reading these two English books and two other Japanese? What is he trying to give me an apple so I could give him an A for his English? LOL

A close-up of all his accessories that time, I believe. ^__^ A pair of rings, earrings, a bracelet and a chain?

Boo is very sexy with even just a minimum amount of light. God knows how I want to tag along in this kind of shoot.

Sad. With even just one look, there is a bit of melancholia. When one wants to know how Jaejoong feels at the moment, just look into his eyes. His smiles are killers but his eyes never lie. Sometimes they can give a feeling never to mess around with him.

Was Boo always composing with chords and not with notes? Kekeke~ But take music away from him and sooner he’ll die.

Jaejoong is a nice subject. He was game doing different things & suggesting ideas he wanted for his shots. He said he wanted to show the real and natural side of him and I must say that the photobook was really able to capture his essence one that his fans have never seen on him much before.

Credits: on pic

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