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JJ’s Skullbonez

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

If I am to spazz about something today it would about JJ’s accessories from yesterday’s performance in Hong Kong. For some reason the man wore this black furry neck coat that reminds me of visual kei artists.

He layered a couple of necklaces and one of them I found naughty. Hmmm… in some way. It must be the way I think…

I don’t know about some fans but I really find JJ’s taste in accessories to be punk-edgy sort of way and it  suits me. So if he buys Harajuku fashion then by all means, I give him my support. I’m not so much into guys that are mushy-sweety kind of way. For me, the harder, the rougher–the better. (O-O)

Compliments to his longer chained necklace with a two-skulled series pendant. He looks like he’s about to bring death to somebody–yes,  he’ll be the death of me. It looks heavy and maybe I’ll be craning my neck if I will wear this. Goth gods won’t take a second look in buying this. I’m just wondering why he’s into goth stuffs when he’s in a boy band who sings a lot of hip-hop & R&B. The more it makes me so hooked up on him.




This one is probably one of my most favorite accessories that JJ has worn. I dunno but it brings out the sexiness and the naughtiness in him. Like he wanted to take a fan to be the prisoner of his own desires. “Babe, you’re under arrest. Come with me smoothly or else I’ll tie you up with a bigger cuffs on my bed and show you how big my gun is.” *dies* *rose again*  Ehem. Back to the necklace, it’s rock and roll and something Rihanna would wear if she’ll be calling for some… bondage.


A little bit of S and a little bit of M. That’s mjjeje. >;-P

Congratulations on your English album, babe! And continue tweeting in English! It’s a good practice. Love you! 😀

(Jae: Lynnie… After all what you’ve written about me, I wanna show you my favorite dance move.) Ehhh? (OO;?)

  1. her@_JJ
    October 27, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    Hahaha :)…. brighter my day… Thanks Lynnie..

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