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JYJ The Beginning Review

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Ayy yo JYJ Imma let you finish but I’m just gonna give something from my head. It’s good to be back from a long time and here I go again…

Ayyy Girl (Feat. Kanye West, Malik Yusef)

The intro emceeing Kanye West is something but… I don’t really like Kanye. I’d rather listen to Ludacris’ rap. And just to be honest his singing is poop.

“Ayy girl… I’m trying to make you go crazy, try to make you my baby… I’m losing my cool… You’re playin’ me for a fool” LOL I wanna answer them, “for real baby?”  Most VIPs I know like this but most TVXQ fans that I know prefer other tracks than this as their debut. It isn’t that strong I just think that a debut single must be strong.

Definitely love the remix.


Intro is very good and kind of upbeat. I think it’s even better than Ayy Girl. I’m just went craaazy with this song. Like, yes, I have an empty heart so sing bad about me, JYJ. That I love the feeling of JYJ walked out on me for ignoring them. That it’s my turn to be a popstar and they my fans. I don’t care about our relationship so go ahead bye-bye. It hurts so much that they’re leaving me because of my heart is smpty. That kind of attitude.

Ahhh~ Micky… his twang is so evident. And what’s more likable is the placement of the auto-tune along the song. It’s got taste. The way it’s arranged is balanced—not overly saturated. I find myself bobbing my head unconsciously specially with the remix. JJ’s “girl because your heart is empty” scream with a megaphone effect made it awesome. Like screaming I’m so bad that I have to change my ways. It sounds good to my ears. Favorited.

I want to be Jaejoong’s girl and maybe my name will be the third line tattooed on his chest. *bricked* Oh well, there are still spaces there for ink art.

Be My Girl

Ahhhh~ sh*t! I love this! The intro already makes my heart go flutter. I love the R&B vibe all over. It makes me wanna slow dance with… Junsu (Jae: Who???) — I mean JJ. (~^~) I love the chorus although it sounds a bit of Craig David’s I Just Don’t Love Me No More. I repeated this over and again to understand what they’re really saying without looking at the copy and luckily I was able to get most words. This slow song is like ummmph… I felt like I wanna go sweety sweety with mylovey dovey somewhere while walking down the park blowing bubbles or something like that. So yes, I would like to be their girl—a fan girl. I hope this will be their next promotional single. This is added to my  faves.

This spells “R-A-P-E me” but I’ll see what I can do in moderation. 😉

Still in Love

R&B JJ. Ouch. I’m sorry I don’t understand most lines. The voice pick-up must be low or what? But I love the instrumentals. Babe, you want me to sing with you or you need Alicia Keys’ help?

I don’t know why he’s singing low maybe so not used to it that’s why maybe. I dunno. But all I know is that he’s still in love… with me. Then I fell asleep.

I don’t know how heavy is that thing around his neck but he’s a strong boy.

I Can Soar

It’s a mix of ballad & some classical for Junsu—a bit of slow jazz? But I still found a hard time deciphering the line. But his voice is clear and as expected of Junsu, he sang with all of his heart. I was more like an Alicia Keys style of singing but like JJ he’s singing low.  I love the last part where he prolonged on the high note. That’s the strong part of Junsu. The vocals are clear he just gotta have to work on his pronunciation.

Chunnie boy shocked many non-fans as they are used the Lee Son Joon part of him. But as I said, he was just a part. This is the Micky most fans know.

I Love You feat. Flowsik

The first time I hear this was like, are they doing each other? LOL This track is soooo~ Micky. So Micky that a VIP friend of mine was so crazy playing about it. She never thought Micky ever sounded so good… never even thought JYJ could do R&B but maybe she wasn’t just used to it. Ahhh~ The intro was a bomb. Like I was clenching my chest when the girl talked to the phone, “Micky… It’s me… Look.  I~ I~ I~ can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry I’m doing it this way.” Ouch she broke up with him on the phone. (O_O) That should be personal and not to some machine! Now isn’t that hurting too much?

It hurts that he was saying sorry all throughout  the song, said he wants her back and that “I love you” will have them starting over again. That’s the MICKY there telling you to stay, b*tch. She should.

Now this I can understand. The rap from Flosik is really sick! Like damn… I know in all honestly Mikcy can’t rap that way. The rhymes just went with Micky’s flow and that’s just right for a this R&B jam. It made me emote too much and reminds me of… *grabs heart* what has been… *sigh*

Junsui looks like my RPG character who has red hair and an armor.

Be The One

This one is one hell of a very good poppish song. Truly the kpopish JYJ that I know. Can’t let go of the old DBSK-ish thingy yet. I can dance with this. If this one is played in the nineties just like one of those boy band songs there, it would really fit. I really gotta commend Jae Chong for this. It’s got a different flavour to the current pop songs. The line “be the one… baby come over tonight” circles in my mind wherever I go. It’s so viral and  I can understand! The beat is not that fast so they uttered the words good! “Be-be-be the one~!” Oooh~ I like the part! Dance dance dance!

Love those eyeliners. What men would wear them? But my boys are very special.

So just to wrap things up here, I wanna quote what a friend of mine said “there’s no song wasted in this album. All of them are worth listening.” And I have to agree with her. I might be complaining about some things I can’t understand but I’m just trying to be honest. That’s because I love the boys unconditionally and accept them for whatever Engrish they have or else I won’t be buying it! So if I have to rate the album out of 10 it will be… 7.8 XD

  1. her@_JJ
    October 20, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    Agree. Just honestly I don’t like the first song. I can’t hear their purest voice clearly… I’m sorry. But Empty is great. And of course Still In Love. No… I don’t want to steal JJ from you… But, can’t we sharing? XD XD XD…
    Hwaiting, Lynnie…

    • lynaeina
      October 25, 2010 at 4:57 PM

      haha! no i don’t mind sharing JJ with all of the girls. as a matter of fact the more JJ has fans rather than antis, i’m happier. and the more we could get along, i’m sure it’s something that JJ should be proud of. jeez… all i did was blog about him. i haven’t got much time!

  2. her@_JJ
    October 26, 2010 at 11:53 PM

    At least you still share with us….

  3. November 1, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    I love this album, it’s so amazing. Just how DBSK do it. 😀

  4. SaiSakurano
    November 21, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    I’m addicted to this album!been playing it again and again 😛

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