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Soulmate Spazz: Icing Mark & Lick

I soooo~ sooooo~ love this post from JaeChunSoulmate. I so love it that it needs a repost. Ahhh~ LiLy, you rockin’ Soulmate! XD

But sorry for us Soulmate fans & JaeChun on JYJ since there was no cake to enjoy.

Don’t know how’s in other places but here it’s time for a birthday party to start XD….
So the cake finally arrived 😛

JJ is getting anxious… LOL

You see.

And then he sits back… But why?

to perform the Soulmate birthday ritual 😛

Don’t ask me why is so small XD

And then JJ licks his finger 😀

Getting shy emotional…

Yeah love is in the air… XD

Ok let’s see some pics too
But first of all it’s all about(some fangirls said not me XD).


Lick. It’s good. I know.

Let’s take a look again…

Love JJ’s tongue here… It says all.

And then we have YC’s “revenge”…

XD… No need to get shy babes…

Did you ever heard of soulmate magnetism? XD

But what I want to say is that this didn’t happened only once 😛

Guess who’s that…?

You’re right is JJ…

It looks like a kdrama when “he” shyly grabs “her” arm…


Oh… We have a cake again…

What could JJ do with that cake?

So this time YC performed the lick part XD…

But please don’t cry…

JJ is here to give you a hug…

…and wipe your tears.

(These 3 are unrelated but I just couldn’t help it..XD)

By the way, serious talk about the last posted cake-jaechun action…

Somehow reminds me of this…

What happened… Well YC is showing us the ring he received on his birthday… from JJ of course… ah… yes it was after they finished filming Doushite… and the MV’s story was about a guy watching his beloved one marrying someone else…
JJ certainly looks like he wants to prevent something like that from happening…

So lovely dovely… Really looks like a wedding something… By the way did you also noticed how JJ’s expression changes when he sees the camera? From an euphoric one to a serious-scary face XD…
But didn’t we forgot something? YC’s face… XD… There is cake on it…

Guess who?

Someone caught you again JJ XD

So the party can begin as everyone brought a cake…

JJ can be happy as he will be able to mark his territory 5 times….or maybe everyone else wants YooChun… :P…

Still there were times when it seems that things didn’t go as they are supposed to…

Someone fell asleep… Maybe some things happening before made him tired?… Or maybe because the cake had no cream on it…

Boring right XD



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I’m afraid that this year you and your Soulmate are too busy to play around 😛
Maybe tomorrow…I mean today for you…:P

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