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My Rockstar Jamming

Here is my rockstar.

@5:10 The  visual kei in him went out with the blower.
What’s missing is a GACKT-like make-up and he’ll end up on my wall along with Miyavi.

The real color of JJ. Maze is like an anime mecha OST anyway.

I always like to repeat that he’s a rocker trapped in a boy band. He could be a balladeer but if he wasn’t in a boy band he could be a lawyer or a visual kei artist. Rockstars can act like an *ss if they want since sex, alcohol & rock n roll are what they’re labeled with.

  • Sex for JJ… maybe. Some fans say he is a sex god. Although I can’t tell since I’ve never experienced it with him—or… maybe not.
  • Alcohol. Who got busted for DUI? And who’s having liver pains now? Shouldn’t have asked.
  • Rock n Roll. And that is MAZE.

How I wish I was JJ’s guitarist. Jam sessions with him would be awesome and I’ll be like falling out of tune and forgetting the notes because I’m staring at his sweaty “dazzling” face. (*–*) But naaah~ music is serious business and I know when I got to be.

jeii24 (fancam)

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