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What did I miss?

Long time no spazz.

Changmiiiiin~! Where’s Changmin? I miss changmin. How come Paradise Ranch was pushed again? How many times do they have to do that? Would they like it to be released together with Micky’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal? I like Minnie’s acting  even from the first time I watched their banjuns. He cries when he’s  watching melodramas so he’s just right for series like that. He would know what is and whatnot. Maybe he would also cry while watching the drama himself.

Miiiiiccckkkky~! I miss Micky too. I love Micky’s acting the most. I have lots of confidence on him because he tries his best & he takes the initiative to study his lines so hard. He can be in all kinds of genre including action. Even when he acts like a bastard in his role, he’s still cute. (Jae: *ehem*) Micky is… is.. If JJ is like Bae Young Joon then I would liken Micky to Lee Byung Hun only more handsome. (If he’s going to be paired with Tae Hee then…) Oooh~ He’s paired with BuSunako Aya who was with Kamenashi  in YamaNade. I was not scared of Aya for Micky because *whispers to Jae* (Jae: Oooh?) Yes. And… *whispers again* (Jae: Ahh… I see.) Hmmm… I have a feeling they rival Micky to Kame. And just like Jae, I am expecting a lot on his Korean drama. Go Micky! Stop crying now.

Jun-chaaaaaan~ What happened? Hahaha! I don’t know if I can still call you Angel Xiah or Cute Xiah but now is it Sexy Xiah? Change image again? It seems like Junsu is enjoying going solo since his song is coupled up Chun’s drama and another mobile drama so I’m sure he’s making some commissions there. ;-D He surely knows how to give his everything in singing & dancing including in the lyrics of his Intoxication. (O_O) I mean, really, Jun-chan? You really mean those lyrics including the foreplay, the make love & the secret syrup?  Uhmmm… Are you really the Xiah that I know? Do you know what you’re singing about? LOL Ahh~ good thing is it’s a Japanese video. You can do almost everything you want. The video is like one of those RnBs BUT… as most RnB videos have… it should have like a sexy girl or something. I know. I know. Fans’ rage. I know. But isn’t it always an effective formula for making such videos just like Usher or Ne-Yo does? And wouldn’t it made it looked hotter? I like him making the floor pregnant but the video is shot on just three or two locations. More budget for Junsu puhlease? The song’s beat is great just like his Xiahtic it also has a mix of violins and other orchestra instruments. Living to the name of Xiahzart?  😀

Yunnieeee~ Yunho fits modeling. For innumerable damn good reasons modeling, is just perfect for him.  Ahhh~ Don’t hide under the rock Yunnie just because he went out with Eita or Junpei or YamaPi or… Doragon?!? (o_O) I’m hoping they would also give Yunho a Japanese drama. A Japanese drama where he would portray as a daddy. *imagines* (*__*) It’s because Yunho looks good with kids and likewise kids like him. It will be nice if the story is like a single dad with a very cuuuuuute~ little daughter playing as a cupid for her dad or something like that. I’m sure it will melt fangirls’ hearts out. Hmmm… I could be giving FujiTVor TBS and even MBS or KBS an idea here.

Jaejoong’s drama is doing so well. SongSoo is such a big “L” that makes Jae such a winner for taking the role. Congratulations for your first successful sell of vacuum cleaner, Jae. (Jae: Why do you always call them vacuum cleaners?) Because I see no difference? 😀

Jae: Lynnie…
Jae: I want to give you something for your comeback.

Tulips! Tulips & lilies are my favorites. Thanks. 😀
I don’t have to water them too.

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