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Shopping Date with GACKT

Love him… Love his black yukata. He looks very cool in it. Lucky girl.

DVDs! The girl was like having a heart attack everytime. Haha! I understand.
But he doesn’t like noisy girls.

He has good taste in movies & displayed his fluency in Chinese & Korean. *swoons*
Too bad I find those two languages difficult.

His otaku mode showed up in Touch the Numbers by making it in five seconds. (♥_♥)
Aaand I love all the things he bought. Kyaaah~ 😀

He’s so nice. He gave up his bling-blinged Iphone because he lost in the game by kept on saying “Kore ii.” LOL Well, the guy can’t help it. It’s his favorite line.

If GACKT is already 60 and he would ask me to marry him, I will.

I also don’t wonder why Miyavi also thinks of him:

HAHA! In your dreams! But… I hope he did.

  1. moony205
    April 17, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    I’ve tried so hard to watch the subbbed version of his talk with miyavi but my internet connection refused to cooperate with me. Shall try again now. Gackt always looks good.

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