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Something to Spazz: Jaejoong Will Appear in Iitomo~! Aaack~

The last time I watched this show was when Ayu called GACKT and then likewise. LOL

Pretty conversational Japanese. It’s more difficult to translate the ones in the news because reporters use deep stuffs.

Ayu: Ureshii zettai. Ii desu ka? … Jaejoong!

Dial the telephone TV…

Tamori: He’s cute. [Waaa~ Guys even say.]

Ayu: Kawaii neh? His Japanese is sugoi ne.

Tamori: He’s really cute.

Girl: *phone*

JJ: Moshi-moshi.

Girl: Ah Moshi-moshi… *can’t hear* Ayumi-san… *gullible*

JJ: Hai.

Ayu: Moshi-moshi.

JJ: Ah~ moshi-moshi. Ah domo?

Ayu: Long time no see. A-nation was the last time.

JJ: So~ desu ne.

Ayu: How are you?

JJ: Genki desu yo. Genki desu ka?

Ayu: Genki desu. *laughs* Ja I’ll turn you to Tamori-san.

JJ: Hai. OK. [May gaaaaad his English.]

Tamori: Domo?

JJ: Ah~ Domo domo domo. [Arigato. LOL]

Is it okay for you to appear in Iitomo tomorrow?

JJ: Ahh~ hai. *laughs*

Ayu: Kunai no. Kunai no. Kunai no. [LOL. No, really he’s coming, Ayu-san.]

Tamori: Are you really going to come?

JJ: Hai~ Iitomo!

Ayumi, success! XD

Ayu-san promoting her Next Level album is <3. Of course she will call the most popular at the moment, also with the same music company with her, the most approachable, and also promoting his own drama—the victim: Kim Jaejoong.This is so showbiz even for the obvious awkwardness.

I am not so much Ayu for Jaejoong but as fics say Yoochun is to Ayumi Hamasaki as Jaejoong is to… Koda Kumi. LOL *stoned*

I wonder whom he’ll call. “Hello hello, baby. You called I can’t hear a thing…”

  • Yoochun (Soulmate besties. No prob with lawsuit etc.)
  • HyunJoong (Well… Also BfFs)
  • Junsu (?)
  • Keita (I don’t know where he is now but still possible.)
  • YamaPi (*screams* First JE friendship.)
  • BoA (If Jin is not keeping her phone off. LOL :-D)

  1. moony205
    April 14, 2010 at 5:18 AM

    Oh, my goodness the BoA/jin scandal is soo funny to me. Honestly, as smart as Boa is I have a feeling she likes douchebags. Jin is hot, but beware of the eggplant Boa, beware of the eggplant. That boy knows he gets around and he loves it. I just watched cartoon kat-tun where him and taguchi went on dates. Jin has game, that’s all I’m gonna say. Taguchi on the other hand, lord, baby is clueless.

    I wonder who Jae’s gonna call too. I want some excitement, so as much as I appreciate SM family love, I hope it’s someone new. And I hope he’s not as nervous as he was yesterday. He needs more confidence in himself.

    • lynaeina
      April 14, 2010 at 5:25 AM

      Hahaha~~~~~! Eggplant. That eggplant. I wonder what happened to it. Did he make it into an omelet? LOL Jin…? Huh. I don’t doubt him at all. I’ll stay a hundred meters away from him. 😀

      True. Self-confidence. He was used to the same people in the last six years of his life.

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