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My Love Story With DBSK

Everyone has his/her own love story. Either it may have a sad or a happy ending, I believe it’s still worth telling for because there is no fault in just loving.

In my one year in DBSK, I can say that I am a lover that is so hard to please.

It all began with a Millionaire’s First Love way back 2006 when Yeon Hee was driving that motorcycle with Hyun Bin under an autumn blue sky with yellow stuffs swirling around them.

The background music gave me goosebumps and it gave me the feeling that the girl will die which she really did. I thought, who sang this song? It’s so saddening. I Googled it and found this picture:

I still keep this pic until now. 😀 Beautiful than me.

Then my eyes went… (♥_♥) Oh WOW, he didn’t just sing well but he’s just too good-looking for me and what’s with the lipstick? An anime junkie as I was could tell that he just came out from one gothic anime vampire series or something like. I thought he was a soloist and never even bothered to read his profile. To me, he was just another male singer I’ve known for a while and meant to be forgotten so my life continued as it was. (I know. I was a #$&%*~?)

I wasn’t into KPop before but JPop with only the likes of Utada Hikaru and some JE (that I can’t mention) which I kept as a secret for music influences. But majority in my playlists were Western music and mostly rock— punk, goth, emo, alternative, acoustic, grunge—everything rock. I was in our school department’s alternative band as singer/ occasional guitarist so having boy bands in my player was like a no-no to my group of friends. Even now, if they’ll found out about this blog, they’ll probably stick their tongues out while pointing at them cringing. LOL Yeah, they are those types.

Also as a student, I was shall I say “studious” in way so I don’t get to watch much TV and the local MTV here doesn’t even play Asian music but only country songs with about 80% Western music so I was kind of isolated. All I had was me, romance novels, Asian movies and my guitar. At those times DSL still cannot reach to where I am right now. (Yes, boring. Whatta boring person. LOL) I was also graduating at those times so I had no time exploring about that anime guy.

Not until in October of 2008 when a friend of mine, a total VIP, was ranting about her babies (Big Bang) being compared to some band called DBSK on her blog. I love to read blogs thus I was exposed first listening to some songs of Big Bang but I never really got into them. Yes, there were many suitors for my fangirling heart but I guess they weren’t my type. I was curious of how big this DBSK could be in KPop that even BB fans were so defensive. Again, I went to Mr. Google and found this pic:

My first reaction were, “What the heck!” “Is that Jaejoong?” “What is he doing in a cranky boy band?” (Don’t kill me.) I thought he was solo! One look of the five, my eyes went to Micky! I have always had a thing for guys who have thin eyes and chubby cheeks like those of the Chinese. I had plans to change from Jaejoong to Yoochun but when I’ve heard their blending in My Little Princess and Whatever They Say (my first seen group videos) Jaejoong’s squeal was sooo love so I stayed with him instead. I went playing the songs over and over until my family went nosebleeding. LOL

Love acapellas. It didn’t matter to me how they look. LOL

@2:44 I don’t know how Jaejoong managed that.

Damn this brings back the old times. T__T

And then it came to me that I was falling in love with a boy band! I was like telling myself, “ohhh nooooo~!” How can somebody like me, an emo, be in love with a boy band? I found it corny but I somehow liked it—okay—a  little. I was in denial. I hung out with my friends again just to get the feeling that I’m still cool, and that listening back to rock would erase my mind out of the boys.

Then one fine day while I was in my otaku mode, I heard in some forum about this Tohoshinki  band that Japanese girls were raving about. There was an attached online player along with the post and the first one on the list was entitled “Doushite”.

I listened to it and thought that this Tohoshinki band was good then later on when I saw the video, it’s the same f*cking boy band I’ve been trying to avoid all those months! (That was the result of not reading the band’s profile thoroughly.) LOL I felt so dumb and cheated to know that DBSK, Tohoshinki and TVXQ are the same! I mean, how could a band have so many names?!?

So I’ve learned my lesson and took time to read their profile. It was like the boys were handing me their resume for applying as their lover & my first official boy band for hardcore fangirling. LOL What got me is that they all can speak Japanese! What other band can do that? It was a turn on for a person who likes anime and Jdramas and Jmovies. Then I’ve reached my limit and shouted, “ This is it! I’ve got enough of this pretending bullsh*t! I can’t take this anymore! I love Tohoshinkiiiii~!” on March, 28, 2009. That was my first declaration of love for all the boys.

Just like any fan, I started at square one from their debut and followed their discography. Man, that was a lot. The boys were like my research project. I found out that they have shows, movies, dramas and the list could go on. I may have not watched all the videos at DBSK Archives (@_@) but I think I am already familiar of things I should know about them good enough to catch up with the current happenings. All the while I was learning from old fans and as well as with the new. All those times, I’ve been isolating myself from my friends and VIPs to keep them from knowing that I’ve already jumped in the DBSK wagon but when they’ve found out I was surprised that they gave me support.

This is totally a new experience for me—fangirling. I’ve never bought items for an artist that costs more than $20, never even blogged and became a writer for a certain artist and never before sarcastically replied or rude to haters just to defend the boys. Hahaha! It seemed like my true character went out in DBSK? And friends! I’ve gained so many friends from around the world like… we’re already close? LOL

TVXQ may not notice the small things fans do because they have their own lives and their own work but for them to write songs and be inspired with those who love them is a great way of showing their gratitude. There are many reasons why I should’ve left the fandom but TVXQ has shown me more and more reasons to stay everyday. So… that’s why I’m still in love. 🙂

  1. moony205
    April 1, 2010 at 5:09 AM

    That was the awesomest post ever!! It’s always interesting to find out how people got into dbsk. All my friends think I’m wierd for liking it too. But, I give them props for putting up with my ramblings, fangirling, and making them watch their mv’s from time to time. I can’t even remember what the first clip I saw of them was…I think it was that variety show where jaejoong tripped and knocked over some guy, and changmin had to blow out candles with his nose. I just thought they were hilarious. Then I just kinda happened upon other stuff, and joongie became the asian love of my life.

    I don’t know why I haven’t been able to switch from him either, alot of people describe having several favorites or switching, but everytime I find a characteristic of another member that I find appealing, jae does something random, and I realize that he’s the only one for me in the group…aish that kids like crack.

    I just kinda love him for no damn reason, that’s a lie, there’s reasons, too many. But, I think it’s his personality that’s no.1 for me. I’ve frankly never happened upon anyone like this guy before. He’s interesting. No.2 the voice, I think he often gets overshadowed by junsu, but when I rarely get to hear Jaejoong sing by himself, or in a mode that he actually enjoys, he’s actually really, really, good. He’s got a nice tone, good vibrato (when not overkill), and actual stage presence. I had to add in stage presence because I didn’t think he had any, until I watched him do maze. He had nothing but a backing track but kid kept my attention the whole way through and he sounded amazing on top of it. Sometimes I honestly think he’s stifled in dbsk…like all he really has to do is stand there and be pretty because that’s what people expect, and he knows this.

    Ahh, I must end my essay. But, I really enjoyed this post and I feel talkative today. I want that an-an magazine now. I don’t care if he’s not naked. I love me some jae in casual clothes, with an apparent bulge. Oh, and I love me some mickey too, then I think it’s either changmin or junsu but they switch alot, then yunho (he just doesn’t appeal to me, as much as the others, and I strangely think that it’s because his image comes off as “perfect” and I don’t find perfection appealing).

    • lynaeina
      April 2, 2010 at 4:04 AM

      My my… This is the longest comment I’ve ever received in any of the blogs I have. Thanks for finding the time to type. 😀

      Ahhh~ That video. I think it was The King’s Man Parody where Junsu has an IQ of a dolphin thing. Hahaha! I remember that. That was sooo hilarious indeed that even non-fans would laugh.

      …everytime I find a characteristic of another member that I find appealing, jae does something random, and I realize that he’s the only one for me in the group…”
      This is also true to me. Jaejoong, when I felt like switching, always gives more reasons to stay with him. He has now stolen my heart for good.

      Maze. His rock song. That made me gave my total respect for him. He proved to me that he’s not just a doll although he’s always treated as one (or else I will switch to Micky.) So basically, I’ve fallen in love with him for his voice because it’s versatile then next it’s gonna be his personality which is your number one. Jaejoong is mysterious, funny and unique like things are gonna be in chaos when he speaks which are mostly my type of guys. Then next would probably his looks. I’d probably be lying if I won’t that add to the categories. He’s not totally perfect but it comes hand in hand with his character—a walking contradiction. He does have beautiful skin but he has tattoos. He looks more like a girl sometimes but his actions are manly. So he keeps my worked up all the time not making me bored with him at all. He always makes me wonder what he’ll do next.

      “…apparent bulge…”
      Hahaha! Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. His an-an preview photos are… porn. 😀 I’m having butterflies in my stomach because I’m so excited and that I’ve been hyperventilating not being able to think very well since its release.

  2. April 14, 2010 at 2:00 AM

    just wanted to say I’ve read this some time ago 😛
    glad you shared the full version of the story
    it seems it was just meant to be…
    you couldn’t escape them
    I’ve wrote something similar a while ago if you are interested but I think I’ve already told you 😛 …. http://jaely.livejournal.com/9176.html

    the ending phrase made my heart skip a beat…


    • lynaeina
      April 14, 2010 at 2:03 AM

      Indeed it’s meant to be. No matter how I tried to deny them but still they kept on following me. LOL

      Yes, we’ll be in love with them always. 😀

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