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KAT-TUN 1st Overseas Tour without Jin Akanishi!

Finally, Johnny oji-san has let his babies fly out of Nihon. But too bad no yummy Jin. I don’t mean to pry on another’s  fandom but what the heck is happening to KAT-TUN? Anyway,  I am so jealous of people planning to go for Bangkok for this like one of my friends. (.__.’)

KAT-TUN 1st Overseas Tour without Jin Akanishi!


KAT-TUN, who succeeded in 8-day consecutive live performances in Tokyo Dome last year, announced their advance into the world. They will hold their nationwide arena tour from May to June, and a concert in Tokyo Dome on July 16th, followed by the “WORLD BIG TOUR” in Bankok of Thailand on July 31th, Seoul of South Korea on August 6th and 7th, and Taipei of Taiwan on August 27th and 28th. In addition, their first performance in Hawaii is on the agenda as well, so their tour is probably to be expanded.

However, member Jin Akanishi (赤西仁) will have his 3 solo concerts of “You & Jin (友&仁)” at Club Nokia LA Live in LA, USA on June 19th and 20th instead of participating in the both tour.

On the star show in Las Vegas, Akanishi performed songs in English and various dances. This time, he decided to perform all in English including MC part.
Akanishi: “I feel very happy to give a try at overseas concert. I want to share the entertainment and music I did in Japan with people outside Japan.”

As an exception of the overseas tour, Akanishi discussed with the president and other members of the group when he got the LA concert offer. With the support of other five members, it is decided that Akanishi would not participate in the group tour this time. Currently, Akanishi is applying for US visa for staying from May to October, based on the proposal of TV station that he would tour around the clubs over US after the LA concert.

On the coming tour, Kamenashi commented: “It’s a chance for each member. We will move forward with the belief that KAT-TUN is bond with a bright future.” Don’t miss out their big step to the world.

Source: Music Japan

OOT: I am still in denial that YamaNade is over so I’m still stuck in episode 7. m(~0~)m

  1. moony205
    April 1, 2010 at 5:11 AM

    I’d be shocked if kat-tun hadn’t always kind of been like this. Jin and Kame always seemed like the ones who were technically solo’s put into a group, especially Jin, so I can’t say I’m surprised…

    As a fan I think I’d want to see all of them though.

    • lynaeina
      April 2, 2010 at 3:33 AM

      Ooooh~ So that’s how it goes for KAT-TUN. I just watch them for their shows though and have only listened to a few of their songs. And I’ve seen that Kame & Jin have grown distant over the years. 😦

  2. moony205
    April 2, 2010 at 5:58 AM

    That’s just the way I’ve always pictured the group. But, it’s well known that kame and jin had a fallling out, and things have never been the same. Like there’s always an akward atmosphere around them. According to many fans jin has distanced himself from the group. I can’t be sure what’s really going on though because I’ve never been that into them (more like when I’m bored on youtube look up johnny’s and or kat-tun). You can probably get a better sense of their dynamics from going on some fan forums or just reading youtube comments.

    • lynaeina
      April 2, 2010 at 7:11 AM

      Very much noted.
      Thanks. 😀

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