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Just for Fun: The Right TVXQ for Me

I find this hair-raising and funny… 😀

TVXQ Quiz..
Favourite Color
Ur TVXQ is.. Yun Ho
He loves u for.. coz u can cook well
u will cheat on him with.. Jae Joong
ur first date in.. at beach
u will have.. 5 kids
This QuickKwiz by starz15 – Taken 1068 Times.

LOL. I can say that this may possibly happen.

I have this fan fic involving myself that my parents liked Yunho for me. They even arranged the day for the engagement etc. etc. for the benefit of the business. (I know it’s sooo much like the drama series. Haha!) Yes, Yunho may like me because I’m older than him and he wants his women like that. I can cook anything he would want me to. But then… *eheeeeeeem~!* Here comes this guy, Jaejoong, who happens to be the very opposite of Yunho. He has no manners, no job, speaks like a gangster and just everything that parents would be afraid of to have for their kid. LOL

So, I, wanting to annoy my parents so much because of the sudden engagement started to rebel and hung out with Jae. Jaejoong doesn’t like it because I’m such a brat, an excess luggage and a nuisance. We fight all the time. Why shouldn’t I go back to my parents and stuffs like that etc. So there… Until one time, I went out in the rain out of my anger for him wandering on the streets all soaking wet. Jae was having second thoughts about going after me but after closing and opening his door for a hundredth time—he did. So there…. He found me in the corner like a cat without a home. I also got a good long scolding from him while he carried me back. He was also pissed because he got soaked too. Hahaha! OMG But his ranting was just like music to my ears and the sound of his voice coming out from his chest was just a lullaby.  But then—a sudden light came unto him that he has feelings for me too. ~End~

I would like to end it that way because it’s getting cornier.

But I also think that Jaejoong would cheat on me for Yunho. Hahahahaha! But that would be… a different story.

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