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Tohoshinki Wants To Stop The Time

How sweet…

Finally to see them in one frame…

♪♫ toki wo tomete~ zu~tto kimi no~ sobani itai~ ♪♫

Lucky sister. What does it feel like to be serenaded by Tohoshinki?
What happened to your boyfriend? You broke up? Why? T__T

Xiah~! I miss you too!

Chunnie sang so emotionally. Why? Feeling the song too much because he can relate?
Don’t worry, Chunnie, I’m joining you. TT__TT

The only thing bright in this video is your hair! haha

Minnie… Thank you for helping Jae with the high notes.

Yunnie, why do I feel that there’s deep sadness in your eyes?

I love the song, the message and the arrangement but the video is not one of my favorites.

But I love this part…

I always find JaeMin duet to be powerful. Jaejoong will start the line strong then fade away in the middle to Changmin prolong the finish. That is why I hate it when he cut his lines short. Minnie can break a wine glass when he wants to.


Joongie, you change your hair more than Beyonce does. LOL But why do I get turned on thinking about it?
I’ve read a fan fic where he was a model and he changed his hair every week. His killer line was something like, “I’m not blind, you know.”

Chun only has a few lines in the song. I want to make him big!

If only time stops so we could be with Tohoshinki forever, live with each sweet memory and make them day by day.

dirah (YouTube Toki Wo Tomete MV)
XiahKing (video caps)

  1. March 24, 2010 at 11:36 AM

    i want to stop time when they’re separated..

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