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Jaejoong~ What is this???

LOL He was like having a monologue.

100301 Tohomobile – Jejung’s Love Messages: Your lips belong to me~

1. I only need to love you, I don’t need anything else… [What about air, you don’t need air? You’ll die.]
2. I like you ^^ [Thank you.]
3. I love you. [I love you too.]
4. We will definitely meet because I’m always waiting. [Oh I know you won’t.]
5. I love you oh~~ [Thanks.]
6. I will always support you! [Thank you and me to you.]
7. Please come nearer to me! [Hahaha! Why? Isn’t skin to skin near enough?]
8. Do you have a lover? [Not if you’re with me. (~__^)]
9. I really like you! [Thank you. I like you too!]
10. It’s okay, we will meet again. [Yes. In my dreams.]
11. Don’t give up, let’s work hard together! [In what??? Making… the bed?]
12. You’re all, I want! [Owwws…]
13. Your smile is my sun. [Then your frown is my moon.]
14. I won’t let you go home tonight. [HAHAHAHAHA! Then we have a problem. Tsk tsk tsk…]
15. You have charmed me. [Not as much as you always do.]
16. Your lips belong to me. [So you mean I can’t my cat anymore?]
17. I want to protect you. [I want to protect you too. Jaejoong-ah mamoru tameni. ]
18. Can you please stay for the night? [Why? What is there to do? Why would it take all night? ;-)]
19. It won’t do if it isn’t you. [Ahhh~ You’re too picky.]
20. The person that could make me wait like this, is you. [OMG. How many of us would you like to keep waiting?]
21. I love you! [Watashi mo anata ga daisuki desu.]
22. For you, I am willing to do anything! [Even flying to the moon and back?]
23. If I were to be reborn, maybe I might meet you again and love you. [Like soulmates? Who knows, you could be a girl. LOL]
24. Tonight, I want to put you under the spell of love [Yes. We’ll dance Mirotic together!]
25. Wherever you are, I will always protect you oh~ [Even from climate change?]
26. No matter the distance, my heart that loves you will never change. [That’s encouraging.]
27. Are you okay? Your shouldering all these unhappiness and when I’m not next to you, I’ll get worried oh~ [I’m definitely okay. You’re definitely a player. aren’t you? LOL]
28. I’ve let you worry about me, I’m sorry [Well next time, you know now when not to let me.]
29. I’m sorry for letting you tolerate this loneliness… [Love means never having to say you’re sorry.]
30. I’m thinking of you right now. [Really? What are you wearing?]
31. I want to hear your voice even closer. [Jaejoong, I can bite your ears.]
32. I am going to meet you, now, immediately! [You mean, fly a plane from Japan to here? LOL]
33. Actually, I also don’t want to break up with you. [HAHAHA! When did I say that I want to break up with you?]
34. You are indeed very cute~ [You know what, you’re the 100th person to say that.]
35. Don’t try to force it, when you’re in front of me. [So you want it at the back? LOL]
36. Once I’ve been charmed, I can’t get out of it. [Me too.]
37. I will sing for you. [Owwkay… Sing the Three Bears Song in Full House.]
38. It’s okay, because I will be by your side. [Then I’m here for yo too.]
39. Whenever the time, I’ll be by your side. [Then I’m waiting for the right place and the right time.]
40 I love you. [I’ll never tire of yo saying that.]
41. Work hard tomorrow too! [Yes of course!]
42. Good morning!! Work hard!! [Yes! I’ll do my best blogging about you.]
43. Rest today oh~ You must rest well~ [I will if you say so.]
44. Fighting! Be careful on the road!! [You and your R8 too, honey.]
45. Fight fight fight! [Love love love!]
46. Fighting! [Loving!]
47. Wonderful, come over! [Maybe later.]
48. I am leaving my house now~ [Why? Where are you going?]
49. This thing, is it spicy? [No not until you want me to ad more red chili pepper paste?]
50. Hello! [Hi!]
51. I’m sorry! [For what?]
52. Really delicious! [I’ll make more. XD]
53. Do you know Japanese? [A little less than you do.]
54. Sneak a nap while you’re working~ [I always do. kekeke]
55. Let’s go! [Where?]
56. Whatever that can be done tomorrow, do it tomorrow. [Oh no, I don’t procrastinate.]
57. Oolong tea with alcohol, the taste is just too strong! [Really? I only put creamer in my tea.]
58. Are going to eat ramen at the end? [Yep! Chili miso beef ramen you like?]
59. Can we go out again? [As much as you want to.]
60. You are really good! [But you are the best.]
61. I’m sorry, please forgive me~ [I can forgive you 777 million times.]
62. Relax, relax~ [Yes~ Yes~]
63. I’m too disappointed! [Why? Why? Is there something I’ve done?]
64. Are you working on an assignment now? You cannot finish it oh~ [Oh yes I can if you’re not running in my mind all the time.]
65. I really want to go to the beach with everyone again~~ [I hope we can.]
66. Now on sale. [What’s for sale? Louis Vuitton? What store?]
67. dekodekodeko~rin (a gag he learnt in a show, he used it with the members during the mc part of the 2nd live tour) [Fine fine fine… Anything for you.]
68. Let’s go play! [Aren’t we too old for that? Or you mean something else?]
69. What are you doing now? [Thinking of you.]
70. Stay focused! [I am! I am focused thinking of you.]
71. Sleep well~ [Not when you’re not with me.]
72. Are you working on your assignment now? See, we will complete it together~ [Really? What do you know about histology?]
73. To everyone who has been working hard ’till late, I know that everyone is working hard~ [Yes. Like you do, Mr. Workaholic.]
74. It has reached the time to meet! [Really? I didn’t know that.]
75. Hello~~ [Hi~~~~]
76. I am currently learning Korean. [Your Korean is not good enough or is that for me? XD]
77. It’s morning~ Wake up~ [Morning for me isn’t until 2PM.]
78. It’s time! Please hurry~ [Work starts at 9PM. LOL]
79. It’s morning, please wake up~ [Go ahead and make kimchi omelette breakfast. ]
80. Your message is here~ [Ahh, thanks. Don’t read it.]
81. Ah, your message is here~ aren’t you going to look at it? [Later. I’ll kiss you first. *kiss*]
82. Jejung has sent a message oh~ [*reads message* You mean,  now? But we just had several last night!]
83. Ah, message! What is this? Ahahaha. [Nothing. Business.]
84. It’s not a call, it should be a message. [Definitely.]
85. It’s a love letter~ please pick up~ [Oh~ Another one?]
86. You have received a message. [Ooooh~ It seems like I got many today.]
87. Message, received! [Is that you again? I thought you’re not the type to send many?]
88. Has the message arrived? [Yep! Just got it. It’s in silent mode.]
89. Honey~~ you’ve got a mail (in English) [Thanks, honey! It seems like you have one too. *spazzes on his English*]
90. Hey, a call! [From you?]
91. There is a call. [Yes yes. later when we’re finished.]
92. A call is here. [Okay.]
93. It’s a call from Jejung oh~ [Moshi-moshi! Nani?!? Demo… OK. *rushes home*]
94. It’s a call from your friends oh~ [Oh, thanks. Hi, yes, Jennifer. I’m going to cancel our pajama party tonight. It seems like my hands are gonna be full tonight.]
95. It’s a call from someone important oh~~ RING RING [Ehh? *grabs phone* Daddy? ]
96. Are you not answering?? RING RING [Laaaateeerrr~~]
97. Please answer the phone! [Hai! Hai! Hai! You can be stubborn sometimes.]

Source: [heyjj] + [HATO]
Translations: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
Please do not remove/add on any credits.

I was spazzing at these but I would like to hear most also from Yoochun. Imagine Chunnie saying all of these in his deep, bass, bedroom sexy voice—a lot of female’s underwear will be off. *ehem*

  1. March 4, 2010 at 6:11 AM

    You really are such a Jejung lover.XDXD

    • lynaeina
      March 5, 2010 at 1:51 PM

      LOL. Too bad for Jaejoong, right?

      (*sigh* This rotating brownout is affecting my blog life.)

  2. March 4, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    ohgosh, Lynn, I was wondering what he was trying to do when he did this LOL I tried reading over the list, but there’s just so much.. and you commented on all of them XD

    Lynn, you and Jae are both dorks (A)

    T___T Not a good time to be imagining this in Yoochun’s voice LOL nooo D: I just finished my Korean exam and guess what, there was a question with “Dong Bang Shin Ki” in it. I stared at that question and smiled for the longest time LOL I really need to have a long chat with my teacher soon (A) 😀

    • lynaeina
      March 5, 2010 at 2:02 PM

      HAHA! Yesh. This is the work of a bored fan. 😀 I think he’s trying to seduce us all but failed at the last 17 messages so he made those silly ringtones instead. Haha!

      Like Jae and I are came from the same cloth, right? But sometimes both sides on the same pole repel away.
      I was countering his pickup lines. He’s using pretty common ones, I believe. 😉

      Really?!? There was DongBang in your exam? haha! Whatta motivation! Do you think your sensei also is a Cassie?
      So you know now, like what, five languages? 😀 adie is bright! XD

  3. March 5, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    wahhhh this is cute..thanks for sharing..anyway.do you know where i can download this mp3??
    thanks you very much!!♥

  4. March 11, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    esp. your reply

    can he be more cuter than this?

    bet Chunie version will be more deeply emotional
    He’s Mr. Romantic right?

    • lynaeina
      March 11, 2010 at 9:52 PM

      Hi winaluv! Welcome!

      Chunnie’s replies will be most romantic, I believe. 😀

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