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JJ’s 25th Birthday Gifts from MazeJae

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

(TT^TT) JJ is already rich but why is he receiving too much love? Huhuhu

Gifts from across the the world sailing the seven seas and traversed seven continents:

LV wallet sent by a fan from UK. It also came with exclusive LV store birthday cards.

There would always be one. If GD got exclusive shoes why won’t Joongie be receiving exclusives too? *bitter*

Gucci Handbag

Oh my~ This is thoughtful. Lip balm, lotion etc. will surely fit in here. XD

Mont Blanc Card Package

I’m sure a lot of people in the business gives him call cards.

Exclusive Burberry 2010 Red & Black Plaid Shirt

I saw this in Burberry’s newsletter and the price… (X__X) Man, this looks good on him. I can’t wait to see him wear it and how and what he wil pair with it. (*–*)

Marc Jacobs T-Shirt

This looks comfortable. I can imagine him now wearing it.

All Saints Shirt & Knitted Shirt

The knitted will look cute on him. I really admire the fans for choosing just the right colors for him.  (T__T)b

Chrome Hearts Vest

This. This is so JJ. I’m sure he’ll wear it with a jacket.

All Saints Boots

I dunno how they got JJ’s shoe size but these looks like his exact size!

Elephant Hand Soap

How cute. (T^T) He won’t forget to wash his hands every time with this.

Denmark Stelton Message Stone

Maybe the first thing he’ll write on this is collecting Junsu’s debt? LOL

Handmade Doll & Elephant Stickers

Elephant! A rocker elephant! Eeeek~ So fit for JJ’s personality.

Suck UK Tape

This is cool! Now he won’t forget his dates.

Playsam Yoyo & USB Stick

I wanna see JJ do the “rock the baby” trick on the yoyo. Ahh~ I remember how crafty his hands are on balloons. XD

Troika Keychain

(T__T)  So expensive for a keychain. Oh well, the keys for his R8 should be well taken cared of.

Postman Money Pot

Weeee~! New coin bank! Is he still collecting change? Hope he is!

Laderach Handmade Chocolates & Parisian Birthday Cake

These looks wonderful. The shipper must have been very very careful.

Maze Brochure

MazeJae. One of my stalking forums is also amazing.

The Packaging of All Gifts

He must have been happy. Thank you wonderful fans! 🙂


  1. her@_JJ
    October 27, 2010 at 12:11 AM

    He is spoiled too much…. 😀 *don’t kick me*

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