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Something to Spazz: JJ’s 25th Birthday Gifts

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I have to because I can’t get these gifts all in one day. It will take a lifetime for me to have some of these. LOL

I guess everybody knows he drinks. XD

Elephants! He loves them!

This is sooo JJ.

Another elephant! Cuuuute~

Wow. Cool fanarts. I could recognize some are my stolen ones. LOL

Chivas 25. XD This will go well with the case.

LOL. Of course. Elephant comb and mirror won’t go wrong.

The letters! I’m very sure he’ll read them with his heart.

WOW. With speaker. Test mic test. “Smell me. I’m sooo yummy.”

Kyaaah~! In behalf of JJ. Yeahey!

I bet he was so excited to open these. ^0^

Very talented. I’m not good at sketching nor shading either. LOL

WOW. These are so cool. Fans really know his taste.

Aaack~ I wish there would be scans. *ehem*

Hey!JJ merchandise!

Glad to see he used this so soon! (As if I bought it for him. LOL)

Altec Lansing speakers for iPod. TT___TT I want one. And also those JBLs. T__T

Ccuuuute! For memories! wish you were there!

“Dear Jae,  Don’t you know how much your fans love you? Do you know…me?”

Very very cute cake! The costume is from a music video. Kekeke

Very cool! T__T I could cry. He will love these. So very like him.

I wonder what’s inside.


Happy Birthday you lucky redhead!



Hey!JJ Staff

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