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He Takes, He Gives (My Perfect Boy Evolution)

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I couldn’t think of anything else material to give to him because he has almost everything. (.__.) But good to know that all of the boys have donated autographed shoes to help raise funds for Haitian earthquake victims. I guess that’s a better birthday gift for Jae to take from his members. (^__^)

I liked what Jaejoong gave. They look like my PE shoes and even if I got my hand on them, I can’t just use them to run tracks. LOL

See. It looks like PE shoes. LOL *bricked by Jae*

Is the marker used permanent? XD

Big feet? Lemme guess… men’s size… 10? LOL

Thank you, boys, for helping. I’m so glad they have a sense of social responsibility. (T__T) *crying like a proud momma*

They have grown up to be very good boys.

A birthday tribute to Jae…

(I didn’t mean to make the video thumbnail YunJaeChun.)

From then ’til now, you’ve evolved more into a flower—perfect boy.



MeliteHero (shoes)
MazeJJ (video)

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