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Soulmate: Fighting!

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

(Heavy post. It will take a few minutes to load the full page.)

I’m missing the oldies.

I miss Jaejoong.




I also miss Yoochun.




Therefore I miss Soulmate.




Since Soulmate have the same taste and the same in almost everything except their bodies, they might also like the same girl. There are also similarities of the Golden Fishery Parody and Dating on Earth.


Likes the same girl…

I wonder in real life those two have met a girl and they both had a crush on her. I remember Micky telling in an interview that they both like the same people. People means friends and including—girls? 😀



Soulmate always got game. I guess it’s a disadvantage if friends are alike in almost everything. Good thing is that they could always wear each other’s underwear. (X_X)


A fight…

I think all of the boys has gone into a fight once in their life. In this case, Soulmate was just like playing Pirates when they’re acting. But they say, it’s not a good relationship when they don’t have a fight. How does Soulmate fight anyway? Oh boy I think it’s better that I won’t know.


Bad Boy Jaejoong…


The person who always need attention and often neglected when he is the most caring, most sensitive. Being with a bad is like an adventure—a challenge. (^.^) And I think it’s better to have one’s true character shown before they’ll realize that it’s too late. Their tantrums might be a pain.


Charming Micky…

The most romantic Micky at heart. It just comes in naturally. As Jaejoong said that he was born with it. *hands down* Nothing more to say because he gets the most girls.


Heartbroken Jaejoong…

Why do girls reject these types of guys? TT___TT They are always the ones that are misunderstood. I feel sorry for Jaejoong. It hurts to love somebody who doesn’t love you back, doesn’t it? Take me instead.


Jaejoong fails at kissing…

When Jaejoong tries to kiss a girl, he’s always cut off. LOL Oh come on. He’s a good kisser. It deserves more air time. 😛


Micky gets the girl…

And the success goes to Micky. Lucky guy. A nice house, a nice car—he must find a real girl soon. 🙂


cyxion (Golden Fishery)
faw (Dating on Earth)

  1. January 24, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    yeah..hahaha..always like that..but, i think jae taste for girls is higher that chunnie..

    • lynaeina
      January 25, 2010 at 1:54 AM

      yeah… he’s cool.

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