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One Day In A Life of A Cat-Driven DBSK Fan

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I ran out of cat food today and my cat went berserk on me because I have nothing to give her. So I went rushing to the nearest mall and bought her favorite chicken flavor when I passed something familiar…

(Please don’t mind the quality because I just used my old phone  and it will be embarassing for me if I took it seriously by using an HD cam on it. Haha! Anyway, fans have probably seen the video gazillion times.)

I wanted to take all the LEDs, put them all in the entertainment room and let them play DBSK all day. LOL The videos lined along with this were BoA’s “Energetic”, 2NE1’s “Fire” & SNSD’s “Genie”. What was annoying was that the employees selling in this Korean brand thought that the boys were Taiwanese. Grrrrr! Hello~ But never mind.

But the point of taking the whole video? Fangirling. It’s like the boys are already in hand reach but I have nobody to spazz it with and nobody to share my scream with. (T__T)

I even forgot that my cat was whining. LOL

On similar note I’ll leave a clear and HD video of Jaejoong’s rap compilation in consolation :

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