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If Only…

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was rewatching EXILE’s music videos in AVEX’s channel in YouTube then I remember that two of my personal favorites are the Ti Amo chapters:

Chapter 1

The song itself is pretty long like six minutes added with the extended drama effect for the story made it almost long as some of Michael Jackson’s 80’s videos. The setting and the plot is likely what I read in historical romance novels but with a sad ending. Poor Saori (Minami) still in love with Shinichiro (Atsushi) who is already married.

Chapter 2

The following video bagged major awards in Japan last 2009. Even my Tohoshinki boys’ Mirotic video couldn’t do something against this:

EXILE appeared in this version as entertainers which I find cool. But sadly the story has to end with the girl saying, “Ti amo” to the boy that left him drenched in the cold falling rain.


I just noticed that the director for both videos is the same director for  Break Out, Inoue Tetsuo (井上哲央).

The style for his videos is set in historical places but with a modern feel. They’re mostly dark and the dramatic scenes are slow motioned. I think then that’s his trademark.

Clearly both Ti Amo videos had a big—as in—BIG budget. AVEX had confidence on EXILE and I guess it paid off if we’re looking on their album sales, endorsements and etc. I was thinking what if AVEX would also put a big budget for Tohoshinki? Bigger than what they did for Break Out. Make a long and very good song then to go with it a blockbuster video with popular artists just like in Ti Amo. They had the same director but just a difference in budget and it does make a big difference.

If only for once I could see Tohoshinki do a seven-minute long video. As for its genre, I dunno, anything. I believe in my boys so much that I believe they can do anything and everything together. Throw it all to them and I’m sure they’ll be able to execute them to perfection.

I am so excited to think of what AVEX will come up for Tohoshinki in the future that is if they’re EXILE-ing them. ;-D


Aaaarrrggghhh~~! I hate this. I’m missing mah boyz too much. Hurry up boys!

  1. January 19, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    I LOVE THE BREAK OUT MV LOL (despite what everyone else says about it being creepy and not having group shots) I like the creepy factor XD it also helps that Changmin is looking… very nice these days (you know, they all look great; with great hair and everything, especially Park Yoochun LOL) I love it 😀 and nothing anyone says can make me unlove it >D ( I also love those two MVs from EXILE *o* it can just do no wrong..)

    So please, AVEX, please spend more money on our boys ! *looks at Mr.Max* (he’s so puny, I wonder how he and Changmin talk LOL)

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that those two were so close to where I was. T__T it’s a type of torture, isn’t it? “so close yet so far…”

    and yes, the info thingy LOL my name and email were gone XD guess I’ll just have to come back more often 😀

    • lynaeina
      January 20, 2010 at 3:40 AM

      Yeah. Ti Amo. Goodness. *shakes head*

      Oh yes! I love Break Out! 😀 As in totally. It’s like they were breaking out from their usual MVs. I’m used to watching these kinds of MVs though from KAT-TUN and other J-Rock artists so I don’t find them creepy too. It’s something that An Cafe VAMPS would do if they were to become a boy band. LOL *peace to An Cafe & VAMPS lovers* So they go with this gothic trend there. *shrugs*

      Right. Mo money! Like with special effects and actions scenes. They could also throw in some chick there too if they want. Haha!

      Max-san is uhmmm… probably thinking of Changmin as a giraffe. LOL I couldn’nt imagine either. Our boys are very tall. Notice that they have to bend down in taking pictures so that they won’t look like they are bigger than their president. (Japanese respect thingy. Kekeke)

      *sigh* Still not over Vancouver ehh? It’s okay. Someday, adie, we’ll have to meet the boys one way or another in our own time. 😀

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