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Review: Dating On Earth (with a Spazz)

I’ve watched this movie like three times without subs just for the heck of fangirling and now that the soft subs are available (courtesy of GOE;SS) I can now say something more about.

For me, it’s difficult both being a film critic & a fan girl at the same time for this movie. I’ve noticed a lot of loopholes but I didn’t mind and let them pass which I felt that was wrong. If Rotten Tomatoes were to make a rating for this movie, I’m sure they’d give a negative out of this. I usually destroy a movie with brutal comments but I tend not to be hard on this one considering they weren’t  hardcore actors who went intensive acting workshops. There I went again being too considerate.


Yoochun & HeyonJin as married couple.

Yoochun has already been married to his teacher, HyeonJin when he was involved in a fight to save his junior, Changmin. He accidentally injured one of the thugs to defend himself consequently went to jail for two years leaving behind his schooling. He can only be accepted in a school where Yunho, Junsu and Changmin were his classmates. Later did he know that his new homeroom teacher was his wife. Even though it’s difficult for the couple to pretend that they have just known in each other, they managed to keep their relationship.

Transfer student Jaejoong being fed by Teacher Hyeon Jin in one of the scenes.

Then here comes a troublesome transfer student, Jaejoong, who was involved in a gang. Orphaned and lost his older sister at the age of ten, he seemed to be following the wrong path. HyeonJin who was being concerned for her student’s welfare meddled frequently on Jaejoong’s extra-curricular activities. Jaejoong seeing this eventually turned soft and fell in love with her. That led to an intense, competitive love triangle with the married couple.

Yoochun with members Junsu (center) and Chagmin (right)

Tables were turned when Jaejoong and Yoochun teamed up to beat the hoodlums who attempted to hurt their woman. Even more a surprise when their classmates also participated in the brawl. Since their teacher felt responsible about the incident, she resigned. But before she was about to leave the school, Yoochun declared through the campus’ radio that she’s his wife. Jaejoong on the other hand left no choice but to concede.

Jaejoong and Micky

In the epilogue, HyeonJin was accepted in an all-girls school announcing to her that she will be taking a maternal leave and that her replacement teacher was—Yoochun.

The Good…

Yoochunnie for best actor. Woot~! Jaejoong for best supporting actor! Wooot~! Chunnie is such an emo that makes him so good in dramas. His action scenes were also precise like he knew when to throw a punch and kick in perfect form. His level 5 taekwondo paid off? I think he’ll do well as an action star if he wants to consider acting. Who knows he’ll be the next Lee Byung Hun or Rain? But, Chunnie, just be a singer for now owkie? I can see you love singing more.

Then Jaejoong-ah~! I love you~~~ my baddest bad bad boy. Dang, why do I like him more when he’s bad? He shines more when he’s acting cruel and merciless in less effort. Like a natural, I think he has been through hell and back just like in the movie and the most beautiful Asian gangster I’ve ever seen in film.

Soulmate made a great chemistry representing as badasses so I got to give props for them. It was like they can adjust for each other quickly to fill in one’s weaknesses like they have this  mental telepathy exclusive for each other. *waves Soulmate banner (for now)* *throws confetti* *blows horn* *shakes rattles*

For other members like Yunho, the hottest geek there, was always chased by an auntie school doctor. I am not used to him as a willing victim. The rest also did well with their parts specially Changmin who acted older than Xiah. (Usually does in real life even acting older than Jaejoong.)

The Bad…

The first question that popped into my mind was, “Why the hell did it last for an hour?” Was that just a Thursday and Friday Korean drama? Haha! My gad, even our local dramas last longer than the “movie”. If I haven’t watched the deleted scenes too, I wouldn’t have understood how and why Jaejoong fell in love so fast! Things were so fast-forwarded leaving out some significant scenes. The editing was a fail. They have such good actors but the editing sucks.

I’m not sure also if the director just had his directorial debut when he made this. I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes the close-ups and the angles are lost.

The Weird…

I think I’m not the only one who has noticed that the boys looked younger in a certain scene then older in the next and then back younger in another. LOL It’s another failure there. As fans we understand the reasons why but what about for those who aren’t fans and just felt like watching it like for example your boyfriend. Maybe that was one of the reasons why this wasn’t out in theaters aside from the fear of erratic Cassies. Critics might not also be polite in their reviews. This movie was meant to be made for fans because anyhow, it will still earn if it’s a flop.

Among other the things which I find cutely weird were the couple shirts. LOL I mean, is it really a necessity to wear them for the audience to have a hunch that they are already married? And if they were married, why were the scenes always shot in the bedroom? (If you ask me, there are a lot of things that could happen there.) Was there no kitchen? No… bathroom? *ehem*


…of all the things was my baby badly bruised and beaten for like a thousand times? I was like mind shouting, “Oh, Lord, not his face!” when a hand was laid on him.

And too bad he graduated high school with a broken heart.

In reality, I don’t think any guy would beat Jaejoong to death—because he’ll just fall in love with him before throwing the first punch. *gets hit with a paper fan*

And to those who would dare touch his face…

Yeez. Not zee feez.

Well, one thing is for sure, more fans would like to see  DBSK in movies considering the rage that this movie has caused even if it was filmed years ago. I hope to see them star in movies but not more frequently than making albums because I believe they’re happier making music and it’s their number one priority. Acting may be just a freebie to the package.

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  1. January 6, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    HAHAHAHA, LOL. I had a great laugh out of this “movie” (always thought it was a drama ;D)

    I agree with you on the director. The whole editing and filming was just kind of off and I guess, the budget was tight? XD They could only afford a house with one room and a backyard. & talk about a waste of actors ]: Changmin had no lines at all; and most of it was all cut (the cut scenes were the best…. and were very much needed to make sense out of the movie ><)

    But overall, I would say the best (supporting) actor goes to….. Kim Junsu for acting as himself XD @#@!@$* why so cute.

    btw: you got into this fandom this year too? LOL

    • lynaeina
      January 6, 2010 at 4:53 PM

      right? this was like a drama. i’ve always thought while i was watching IRIS that it was a movie. LOL

      yah. the budget was tight like it was some indie film or something when there are indie films who have better editing than this. (sorry, i just talk that way when i’m criticizing. LOL)
      right, changmin, i can only see him more in the deleted scenes. i think SM was thinking, “we shouldn’t spend a lot in this movie. anyway, cassiopeia would watch this.”

      hahaha! that’s also right. junsu for being naturally cute all the way. LOL he was like making cute faces all over. and dang, when i look at his face when he caught yoochun and the teacher in the shelves, i felt like his heart was really broken—not for the teacher but for yoochun. LOL

      yeah, i just got into this this year because…uhmm i was busy? LOL i missed alot. and that is why i don’t want them to go separate ways yet because i’m not yet full of them. i still want to enjoy lots of the boys. 😀 but anything to keep them happy.

  2. January 9, 2010 at 9:45 AM

    Hahaha yah! IRIS was quite the production 8)

    They should’ve let the fans edit the film or something; I’m sure the better bits would have made it to the final “movie” rather than being left in the cut scenes LOL

    Remember the window scene? it just had me laughing the instant I saw the two overgrown “high school” boys sitting.. somewhat awkwardly on that window, wiping it as they talk XD I wonder if it hurt (A) So I guess SME was right, regardless of the plotline and weird scenes, cassies will still watch it. (our standards have lowered, haven’t they?)

    Hahahaha the library scene LOL Junsu did look heartbroken…. (which is why he goes for Jaejoong instead XD the two heartbroken pair :D)

    I started this year too (I wasn’t even into kpop before them; sighs) so I’m not ready for them to disband yet (not fair that others get 6 years and we get 1 >D *who told you to be so lateee*) 😀

    • lynaeina
      January 9, 2010 at 12:46 PM

      hahahaha! yah that window scene. my gaaad. uhmm… i was more concerned of their, you know, rather than what they said. LOL i can’t stand to see them acting childish anymore. acting cute is okay but playing a teenager is not what i’m not used to anymore. LOL

      hmh..there’s no one to blame why our standards have been lowered except that company. so as fans, we have to recheck ourselves every now and then.

      yah… i remember the fanfic pic you’ve posted. haha!

      it’s a long story. but to make it short, i’ve known jaejoong since he sang Insa for A Millionaire’s First Love in 2006. (i love the movie so much.) but i didn’t know nor bother to explore that he’s in a boy band so i thought he’s solo. i thought it was like that for three years because i’m sooo preoccupied with school work. what’s funny is that when i’ve discovered that he’s with Tohoshinki in a japanese site in the beginning of 2009, (i was a little hooked to Arashi before) i didn’t know that TVXQ, DBSK & THSK are the same. LOL so i was a lil bit confused there.

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