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JaeChunSu’s Underwear (X__X)

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Pervy Mode (*-*) Sooooo~ fan service meeting.

JaeChunSu Smile Again Fanmeeting Interview

Question: What color underwear are you wearing today?

MC: It’s is nice. What color underwear are you wearing today? Junsu.
YC: Isn’t Junsu not wearing any today?
JS: From what I remember, it’s gray and a little green, where the elastic band is.

I hope I am getting Junsu correctly. But I remember my fashion teacher said to us before that green is such an unfashionable color because it collides with almost everything. Haha! Don’t blame me Junsu.

MC: You must like modern things. Edgy and modern.
Fans: Show us x 10000000000000000
MC: You have your belt on and it’s an endorsement so you can’t take it of.

Whaaaaat??? Really? Since when did DBSK fanmeetings become R-18? Nice defense, MC. XD

MC: Then, what is Jaejoong wearing?
JJ: Mine is a bit lilac? Around the elastic band..
MC: The elastic band is lilac? Or is it all lilac?
JJ: The band is black and everything else is lilac.

I get what you mean Joongie. ^__^ Ahem. Well, what I find odd is that he was able to differentiate Lilac from other shades. Usually guys will just say that this is purple or violet but lilac? Girls can make colors too flowery like tangerine, aquamarine, old rose, fuchsia, lime and so forth. But Jaejoong–lilac? I am really starting to doubt again. LOL  But who knows it’s written on the tag when he bought it.

MC: The two of you like edgy clothes. And a bit modern.
MC: And last of all, Yoochun.
YC: Mine’s very simple. Tights and all black.

I guess Yoochun is wearing those winter warmers for men. Classic.

MC: Oh~ You like kinda sexy things?
YC: Jaejoong’s the one who likes sexy things.
JS: You know how like you take them off like this when you get home.
JS: There are times when I get so surprised.
JS: Where did he get such scandalous things?

Ohhh~ really??? Hahaha! I knew it! JaeJae is naughty. He wants to feel sexy inside out. I find it weird for a guy but  I like odd. LOL

YC: This was way back. These days, Jaejoong wears modern ones but before, Junsu had some pretty epic..
MC: We don’t know much about guy’s underwear so what kind of epic underwear did he wear?
YC: (Cunningly, overreacting as if he’s hiding something) No~ It’s nothing~

Epic??? Like with holes on it? LOL *stoned by Junsu*

MC: You have to solve our query.
JJ: Once I went to this town and I forgot to pack some underwear for the trip.
JJ: I went to an underwear store there to buy some and (sighing as if it is hard for him to say) Und… ha… There was a red heart on it, and other than the heart, everything else was like fishnet. And it was panties (not boxers).

Kakaka~! I wonder if really wore this because he had no choice. I don’t know too if he’s just making up stories just to get the fans hyped up. I hope he’s not. LOL

But you know how you wear underwear for like a year? One year, two years?
Fans: Psh~

JJ: I wear them that long.
MC: For one to two years?
JJ: Without fail.
YC: Oh, just one?
JJ: No. I have a lot.
JS: Changing them regularly. (omitted) Oh, we’ve just talked about underwear for 10 minutes

source: [Yuaerubi+DNBN]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net
Do not remove/add on any credits

LOL.  Joongie, I have undies that are like three to five years old and I still wear them–at home of course. And I also have a lot like a drawer. LOL Underwear is always a great icebreaker topic isn’t it? (Jae: So you’re one of those girls?) :-X

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