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[NC-17; Fan Fic] Swiss Made Chapter 2

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TITLE : Swiss Made
AUTHOR: Lynaeina
PAIRINGS: JaejoongXReiko some YunJae & JaeChun
CATEGORY: Romance, Comedy, Smut
SUMMARY: Jaejoong was set up by Yoochun in a night of desire.
DISCLAIMER: Dong Bang Shin Ki is the property of Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho. No copyright infringement is intended. Please do not post, alter or distribute this story without the author’s permission.


“I’m sorry sweetheart but I have to do that. You are my type but Jaejoong needs you more.” Yoochun whispered to an unconscious Reiko.

The waiters along with some onlookers were staring at them.

“Oh don’t worry about her. It’s just that my girlfriend had low tolerance to alcohol.” He always managed to augment his story with a smile.

He carried her along with her purse to the elevator. He had difficulty pushing the button but managed to press three somehow.

The door to their room was at the end of the floor, the presidential suite, so walking with a sack of body is a pain. He just wished nobody would see them there pace even faster.

“Oh shoot.” He has to get the keys in his pocket. Letting her stand for a bit while he reached for the key with his other hand. He managed to turn the golden knob for an eternal minute. He then gently laid her on their king size bed. He motioned for the receiver to call for room service and specifically requested for a female staff.

Three minutes later, a fat lady belled his room and ushered her in. He whispered several unusual requests for a guest that earned him a scowl from the kind lady. It was a refusal on her part but after seeing a bundle of francs, she changed her expression immediately delighted. She snatched the bar out of his and pushed the whole thing in her bra. She gave a  naughty smile for Yoochun before carefully tugging off Reiko’s cardigan.

Yoochun left the lady to her work and grabbed a can of beer in the kitchen. He was contemplating the possibilities of failure & success but nevertheless his plan was almost done. He was just a phone call away from his beneficiary. He pulled out his cellphone from his secret pocket & pressed a direct dial number.

Jigeum eodi inni? He started in Korean. “Ye. Okay. Five minutes. It’s an emergency, hyung.” He immediately hung up on him to finish his drama.

The lady staff popped up. “Je suis déjà fini, monsieur. Anything else?

Great. She’s finished. He let out a sigh of relief and said, “None.” shaking his head. “Merci, madame.

She took her leave like a child who just bagged a sack of candy. Of course her tip was no joke. He probably wasted a month of his salary but he doesn’t care anymore. All of this  for the best of Tohoshinki.

Jaejoong Kim came running using the stairs because all the elevators were taking time. He was about to lounge into a downhill dive when he got Yoochun’s phone call but now his lounging above stair cases.

Nom de Dieu!” That’s all he can say in French but he did anyway. “Emergency? What kind of emergency is this?”

He used up all of his strength dashing across the floor’s hallways until he came to view the entrance of  their room. He unlocked the door and found Yoochun pacing back and forth in their living room.

Mueoseuryo?” Jaejoong was panting with face filled with sweat and full of concern. “You called for an emergency. What is the emergency?”

“Uhmmm… Yes. It’s time for your purification.”

That is your emergency?” Jaejoong can’t hide his annoyance as he continued. “Yoochun, we’ve talked about this. I had enough of this ‘purification’ ritual of yours. I agreed to this trip, remember? And that’s it. End of topic. I am normal. I thought we’re over this. I am here to have pure clean fun and ski. That’s it!”

“Yes but you know this is not Buddhist temple, Jae. And I’m sure as hell you haven’t reached Nirvana yet—aha! I might be right. What were you doing?”

“Skiing?” Rolled his eyes.

“See. That’s my point. We’ve been here for five days and you’ve done nothing else but ski. Can’t you see that there are more beautiful flowers on the riverbanks?”

“What will you expect me to do in a ski trip? And you? It has always been your dream to go Swiss skiing but all you did was sulk in that silly bar downstairs every single day. And you know you’re the only person who knows me well. Surely there are girls out there but, well, you know my type.”

“That’s because you’re not looking! But that’s going to change now, my friend.” He dragged Jaejoong by the hand then headed to the direction of their bedroom.

“What the—Yoochun!”

Yoochun yanked him near the bedpost and walked silently around the bed beside an unconscious loveliness.

“She’s perfect, isn’t she?”

Jaejoong was still confused by the word “she”. More to he has a little comprehension to what is happening so he followed Yoochun’s gaze and  saw the most delicate yet the most striking life-size porcelain angel ningyou sleeping at the center of his bed.

“An angel doll.” Clearly awed, that is all that he can say. But shook the thought right off. “Yoochun what the hell is the meaning of this? You’re bringing a hooker in our room? Are you back to your old self again?” He can’t that he is scolding Yoochun with a whisper caring for the sleeping beauty.

“Well that, hyung, is your purifier.”

Jaejoong muttered a paragraph of curses both in Korean and Japanese all in one breath.

Yoochun could already be burning in hell in those curses so he tried to cover his mouth in his laughter.

“This isn’t funny!” He faced Yoochun. “You must return her! What if someone is looking for her? We’re not even in our country. Jesus Christ! We might be even charged of kidnapping! Are you crazy?!?”

“Jae, relax.” Yoochun patted Jaejoong’s back like an assurance. “She came here alone. That’s from what I know. So it’s okay. And if you’re worrying that she has a disease, no—I don’t think so. I bet she’s coming from an elite family. ”

“You’re even missing my point! I. Am. Not. Doing. This.” Stressing his disagreement with a big headshake.

“Oh come on, Jae. I’ve been spending more than half of my vacation just to find this woman.”

“Who told you to?”

Yoochun ignored his comment and went on a marketing strategy instead. “The girl has great music taste. Even for her clothes. She said she lives in Tokyo plus she’s learned. She speaks English well and orders a unique drink from all of the girls I’ve met there.”

“You know her?”

“Well… We just met and had a small chitchat. I even sang for her. And would you believe that she immediately fell for my charms?”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes again for the second time.

“But the odd thing is that she lives in the city yet she doesn’t even know us.”

Their discussion was disturbed by a feminine whimper followed by groan of pain and twisting. She was like in a delirium with her little gasps and moans.

“I guess that’s the effect of the drug.”

“You what?”

“I just put a little party pill that’s all.”

Jaejoong looked at him with narrower eyes like he wasn’t believing him putting only a little.

“There’s no other way, Jae. Look, she’s already coming to consciousness and she’ll be as furious as hell if she sees me here. If you don’t want her, then just leave her here.”

“What? I don’t want her!”

Reiko’s sudden curling on the bed looked like she was in a blissful nightmare. The act  unexpectedly made Jaejoong feel her pain too. He was warily studying her face when he heard the door closed.

“Yoochun wait!” It was too late.

Yoochun left the room like he always did. When he was composing songs, Yoochun would always barge into the music room to make him do this and do that. After when he is about to reason out his way, the bastard will be gone just like he came in. He loathed that particular habit of Yoochun and he is already at his tolerance limit because of this.

Setting aside his anger, he put his attention on the angel that seemed to be smoldering in Yoochun’s hell. He felt sorry for her. He just can’t leave her alone for some strange reason.

Jaejoong touched Reiko’s forehead and felt it was hot. She suddenly let out a cold whimper; coming to life like some cold water was splashed on her. Her eyes slowly came to open and found his stare.


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