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The Gap…

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I missed watching both these shows live and I have a good excuse for them beeeecause:

  • For Miyaneya, I was babysitting a litter. She’s so hyper that I have to watch out for every furniture she scratches on or else… (~__~)
  • For NTV Best Hits—well, I just switched the channel for a sec and then I was so much entertained with GACKArashi. (Jae: Eheeeemmm~!) But, Jae, this is considerable & excusable since there are only a few who cares about recording Arashi in shows unlike the resourceful, smart,  and quick fans of THSK who will never tire of uploading them. (Jae: You really do know how to get away in things do you?)

But I was right, why am I not surprised to get a copy of their performance the next day? Kekekeke… From kokayz.

And for the love of Dong Bang, if I see this article or just similar to this on some big online newspaper or an entertainment site, I will combust. Why cant just news reporters or writers think of something creative to write too? They are paid to do that. I do this for fureee! For my babies, for their fans for fureeeee~!

Enough of the yada-yada.


The Gap at Miyaneya…

First I thought it was Teipei Koike hosting the show but not, I was corrected that it was Eiji Wentz. LOL Yes. I really can’t tell them apart or maybe I just remembered their names the other way around.

But what was this? (T__T)

To the left, to the left?

The silent/ cold treatment made it worse. (T__T)

Changmin, I want to introduce to you your hyungs Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu.


Let me just get a ruler.

I am not joking.

This time it’s for real…

Hmmm… Give or take it’s about three to four inches.


Let me just fix the picture a bit.

There. It’s not obvious anymore. XD Never mind Junsu because he’s always the odd one. Kekeke Even in my blog Junsu is bullied of course.


Like most people, I also believe that something really transpired before this show. I think I have an idea but I’ll keep it to myself because it’s going to be too much for most to take but their body languages are a clue.


The Gap at Best Hits…

They did perform very well at the show as always. BigEast even showed humongous support! Weeee~!


Errrmmm… Boys, there are more than a thousand chicks in front of you why are you looking anywhere but the lower front?

The stage should be narrower than this.

But I would rather think of it this way…

Yes, Changmin, and you too should talk to your Umma.


Jae: Didn’t I say before that fighting is a sign of a good relationship?

Yes but not always.


With this event…

The boys have received an award. Yipeee~!

EXILE wins another Best Hit Kayousai

Thu, November 26, 2009 (7:17pm EST)

The 2009 Best Hit Kayousai took place in Kobe on Thursday. This year’s Grand Prix winner was the group EXILE, giving them their second consecutive victory and their fourth in total. The best newcomer award was given to Yusuke Kamiji.

Despite their current dispute with their management agency, all five members of Korean boy band TVXQ appeared on stage. They received one of the Gold Artist awards. Other performers included Big Bang, AKB48, Ikimono Gakari, and Perfume.

Source: Sponichi


Just reminded…

I’m posting this because this is one hell of a good point from J’Adore@soompi. (Who says Soompi consists of a bunch of idiots again?)

I was reading earlier pages when there was first news about the concert being postponed… and it’s just SM’s very smart calculated move. Although the 3 members are in dispute with SM at the moment, this doesn’t mean that they can’t necessarily work in Korea right now. And also, when the lawyers stated that they would be participating in the concert, SM didn’t release any statements back then. The members said they would keep their promise but SM chose now, like a week before the concert to all suddenly cancel blaming it on the dispute. They cite reasons that because of the dispute, it’ll be hard to continue w/ the concert; or how because this concert was about SM family and because of this, they don’t feel comfortable letting the concert go on. This is all bull… if they were going to postpone b/c of the concert, they should have released it in the first place. If they were worried about SM family image, they shouldn’t even have begun this war in the first place. And by canceling the concert this late, they are losing money. If they are willing to give up the concert losing money in the process, they are obviously showing their intentions to be strong with this case.

Gmarket wasn’t even informed about the cancellation until AFTER the article got out. Shouldn’t the order be that their affiliation knows about the cancellation beforehand? SM was in a hurry to get to the press that they didn’t think to inform other parties involved with the concert.
We had a family dinner tonight so there was couple family members talking about this case b/c a lot of them are involved in the industry. They said that one of the things SM could/would do is to degrade the member’s public image. So there might be articles/videos/posts in the future of one of the members doing something they shouldn’t be doing. My aunt works at an entertainment company as big as SM, and she said SM executives must be pissed off b/c they are already losing this case just through the media. Their stocks have gone down and the public image of the company worsened. Not only that, if this goes to courts, he probably will have to change the contracts of all the artists as well. They say at the moment, the members to be in favor of the whole situation, but a lot of them agree that there probably will be a move by SM to overturn it before the court date if it leads to that. There has been so many posts by fans that have degraded SM’s image as well. There is that infamous video of Yunho, Junsu and their hair stylist, each member looking like they are going to faint at a concert proving how overworked they are…

SM isn’t going to just stand there and let the media control the situation.
This has happened before with Shinhwa and HOT as well.

My uncle works at SBS and he’s said multiple times how well mannered DBSK members are and their work ethics haven’t changed since their debut. But as someone in the field, he knows SM won’t be just standing there. They will do whatever it takes b/c at the moment, they have nothing to lose. I’m already thinking that they are prepared for disbandment and want to ruin the 3 members first.

One of the things they can do first is to separate the fans. The fans have a trust toward the members right now and they might try to turn the fans back towards the members. This might be through the press or it might be through someone posing as a fan, releasing information. Most likely, it’ll probably have something to do with their private lives. Anywhere from exaggerating their latest visit to a bar, saying something offensive… etc. The rumors/articles about trouble between the members is not even a start for what SM might do. That’s nothing. They might start targeting one member out of the three in order to bring down the validity of the 3 members. They might actually bring the 2 remaining members into this more to show good vs. bad sort of thing.

When the dispute started, they first used the makeup company as an excuse. Then they refuted that they gave the members 11 billion wons and cars. Now, they’ll probably resort to more crude methods. The thing very different about all other cases before this is that there wasn’t a strong bound between the members. And between the fans as well. So whatever the media says, even if it seems totally unrelated to the dispute, DO NOT trust it. This is a scary industry. I mean, this is an industry where managers record sex tapes of their female celebrities to keep just in case anything happens. This is a dirty, dirty, scary, evil industry.

Even if there is videos of them doing something wrong, keep faith. The members are only human so even if their mistakes, flaws, wrong doings are reported, or their is a video circulating around, just keep your faith. I’ve been just hearing a lot of things that will be happening and it just worries me what is coming and what they will go through.

So just trust in them because they have stated their positions multiple times. That seems to be the only thing fans can do at the moment. Stick together as one, and just give the boys 100% trust.

Credit: j.adore@soompi

I have nothing more to say but only a lot to do to protect the boys.


My friend Farah just got a call from her friend that HoMin and JaeChunSu are not staying together. She thinks that this is SM’s doing.

I juz got message from my friend..as I expected, they stay separately in Jpn.. SM’s control everything..
there’s no way we can see the interaction bet jaechunsu and homin..

I think so too now that they are ordered not to talk to each other. This is going to be difficult for the boys and talk over the issue. But I’m positive that they meet online, right? And play online games?

I just can’t leave this situation to “come what may”. Bad guys will always triumph if good people will just sit and do nothing!



I was holding on to the edge of my seat when it was reported in some tabloid that Jaejoong had a date with Abi Yuu. I was like, “Whaaaaaatttt?” (O_o!) Tokyograph reported like months ago that she just broke up with Pi because she’s a cheater and then now she’s dated Jaejoong? My Jaejoong?!? I mean, come on. They may write something about Arashi members impregnating teens, Jin caught having drugs on some night club and like, ~eh, true or not they have a little effect or none at all to their own fans but if something like this is written about THSK, their fans will surely freak out. Between THSK & other JE groups, their images are just too different. I’m not so sure if the JE boys still have images to protect at all. *joke* And where’s that paparazzi photo if there was any date? Can’t that tabloid think of some other news to catch people’s attention? I guess the tabloid isn’t selling nowadays. They can always blame global recession.

For me, Jaejoong can date & should date but please, news reporters, if you want a story that will sell  find some popular actress who will clearly match my baby’s taste like some pretty, conservative and musically-inclined girl with pretty hands and an angelic voice. That would be believable, can maybe shock fans and perhaps I would buy it. Not some easy chick who’s looking for some celeb fubu. :-X

(Jae: *smirk* You know what, baby Lynnie, as a gentleman I don’t really stand & defend myself for these petty things. Just let them say what they want.) Hero Youngwoong Kim Jaejoong, haven’t you forgotten that I am NOT a gentleman?

Jae: Oh… You’re right. *smile*

Jaejoong pwned Lynaeina’s head for eternity! The Sentinel is owning!

  1. November 28, 2009 at 10:35 PM

    owh, my..this really make me cried..you know, i am afraid to online because i know i will search news about them and i know i will cry..yes, i am..i am crying..i never hate people in my life..but, now i hate SM because doing this..a family should be together right?..dbsk is one family..with us, cassie..i will trust them..and always support them

    • lynaeina
      November 29, 2009 at 6:45 AM

      lyrico jae, every time i log online i do a silent prayer hoping that i would not be hearing bad news. that’s the least i can do.

      yes. we’ll be fighting!

  2. November 29, 2009 at 9:09 AM

    Changmin.. Jaejoong doesn’t bite, you know. There’s no need to stand that far away (LOL at the ruler, Lynn 😉 but to be honest, instead of looking at the gap, I was looking at the height differece X) Please stop growing you two, the other three look too short now !

    I don’t want to say any more biased(?) opinions because I know no matter what, I’ll never be on SME’s side. So my argument would always be “the boys are right.” Of course, with the music industry being such a dark, gloomy place, no one can ever be completely right and rid of any dark secrets, right? I can see how SME could spilt the fans and twist their images but to be honest, for me, I don’t really mind what they do in their private life, they’re not mine, or anyone elses’. As long as they are who they are and well… stay as DBSK then I can live with that.

    I don’t know if SME’s going to get anywhere with saying the five member’s friendship is “fake” because we can all see that the boys clearly share a deep connection (otherwise I’d personally give them a Grammy award for perfect acting) ^^

    Ahh, the “date” LOL the boys do have this.. squeaky clean image when it comes to scandals, don’t they? (I still remember how Yunho’s first scandal was with Jaejoong after their banjun drama…XD) Jaejoong, if you want, I’ll even give you Changmin, just not a girl like that, okay? ^^

    ps: XIAHZART LOL finally, Junsu’s going to do something 8D

    • lynaeina
      November 29, 2009 at 5:16 PM

      LOL I’m just making fun of the gap since I’m not used to it. I noticed the height too. The two long legs together made the other three even look shorter. LOL

      Of course, the boys are always right. Whatever it is that they want to do in their lives, they would always have our support. Actually, I’ve always thought that showbiz isn’t really what it is on the surface. There are things hidden behind audiences to keep them hyped up and guessing so I can’t help but rationalize sometimes. I’m with you about their private lives. I mean I’m happy to see stalker pics of the boys sometimes (who wouldn’t but?) but it’s beyond my principle to post them & spread them around since it’s one way of promoting it.

      So yes, even if the boys are a public figure, we don’t own them and what we, fans, could only hope is just for their best and the for them to be together until they grow old. XD

      LOL. Grammy award for Best Group Acting? ROTFLMAO Yaah~ Screw SM for saying their friendship is fake. I am thinking that those executives are desperate. The act of forging the boys’ siggies for a concert is an act of desperation alone. This is to milk just few cents from the boys because they know that they are losing the case. So everything SM says or releases to the media, to me always questionable.

      Wooohooo~! Date! Date! Date! Date! Date! LOL It even came to me before that these gay rumors started because they can’t date girls so they’ve only dated each other. Haha! So yes, I really want proof that they are dating girls just also to see what their type is or has it already been changed through time.

      I do believe that our boys are “good boys” in a certain level. I haven’t heard something like a nasty scandal with their names but only speculations of them dating who. (I don’t even consider those as scandals. LOL) Ahh yes… YunJae is scandalous but not more than YooSu in real life. Just my opinion. LOL

      A girl like that is a big no-no. As in big “N” “O” for Jae. It’s even embarrassing for that tabloid now that Jaejoong said that he never met that girl. LOL Well, that’s sooo Jaejoong to me. Haha! So to that tabloid: 😛 *bleh*. Ahhh~ You’ll sacrifice Changmin too? Hahaha! Girl, you have that little yaoiness in you. 😀

      Yes! Junsu! Finally! Some project! I believe he’ll do good in musicals just like other members in boys groups who also did musicals like DaeSung and SeungRi. 🙂

  3. November 30, 2009 at 6:21 AM

    LOL. I also was distracted by Changmin’s very nice new haircut 😀 Very nice, makes him look younger by 10 years (no more old-mature face for him .. apparently his face could pass for 30? XD) I hope it’s going to stay like that for his new drama; is he even filming? ;(

    I had a feeling that from when DBSK started having their explosive popularity, SME was already desperate to keep them under their control. But if you think about it, with who knows how many fans worldwide, what can one company do to stop it ? 8D

    Exactly, a grammy award. If DBSK’s acting were that good, Yunho would not have done that “car rescue” scene with the emotions and expressions that he did ~ 😀

    HAHAHA, well, to rid of Jaejoong and that girl, I wouldn’t mind a little boy(man?!)-love once in a while, although I do agree with you on that YooSu thing; have you watched the way the look at each other?! LOL especially for that “Picture of You” MV in AA3.. it was beyond cheesy 8D I think the naughty boys are.. Jaejoong and Yoochun? I’m not tricked by their appearances, I know they’re the devils of the group >D Or maybe it’s Changmin … his .. video collection –”

    • lynaeina
      November 30, 2009 at 7:04 PM

      Ahhh~ Yes! A friend of mine told me that Changmin is really filming! I love his new hair toooo~ but I just can’t spazz enough beeeecause… hmmmm, you know. LOL I agreee! He should keep that look. It’s perfect for him.

      Ahhhhh~ so SM must be thinking that they created a monster. LOL A monster with over millions of minions. LOL That may be their point of view.

      Kekeke! I think Big East and Cassies are thinking the same thing about that girl so I think that girl wouldn’t be more than a meter away from Jaejoong. Haha!
      Oh my YooSu?! Goodness! If YunJae is full of touch-touch, YooSu is cheesy, lovey-dovey and sticky so I always feel like these guys should get a room. It’s Micky who’s always making the move and you know how naughty Micky can get. 😉

      Ahhh~ Soulmate—I love this tandem. The badd boys of TVXQ. I think the naughtiest. They team up to bully Junsu (because Micky can be a traitor to his wifey LOL) and Changmin who can be an accessory to the crime.

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