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Oguri Was Wetter Than Expected

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wondered why… ^__~


Oguri Shun Drenched in 30 Liters of Water!


The actor Oguri Shun appeared at a press announcement held in Tokyo of a new TV commercial and campaign for the au mobile phone ‘BRAVIA(R) Phone U1‘. Oguri put his body in harm’s way for the TV ad that promotes the waterproof phone. 200 liters of water was chucked at Oguri, soaking him from head to toe. The scene was recreated during the press conference. This time 30 liters of water was poured down on him. While dripping water from his hair, Oguri smile wryly. “I’ve become wetter than I expected.

Asked about the filming, he seemed slightly embarrassed about making the following comment. “With each take I got soaked, so I had to change my underwear about ten times. I don’t remember changing my underwear so many times in my whole life.” The commercial has begun to be aired from November 12th.

Source: MusicJapan Plus


Don’t worry, Shun, I’ve already seen you wet before:



What about now…

Oooh~ He’s watching Exile. And this makes me happier because I love Sony Ericsson phones!


Now my wishful thinking is that I could have seen him change his underwear even once in those ten times. LOL XD

Now I gotta have this baby…

u1_sony_bravia-630x630BRAVIA (R) Phone U1

I think I really need this waterproof phone most specially for watching Jaejoong videos. Hahaha!

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