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They Were Here

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was doing a trip down memory lane by visiting my quiet place for recollection and that is farahshar’s gallery. I stumbled upon an album in which the boys’ CF was filmed in a very familiar place. LOL I knew they went here but I haven’t seen much pictures. I think I’m lucky today. 🙂

There are many things to see in this place but unfortunately they haven’t seen half of them yet. LOL Good thing they also went to the right places. I’m just being too overprotective of the boys. Kekeke…


tvxqphils_17These buildings are familiar. 😉



tvxqphils_03The background is familiar too. ^__^





tvxqphils_08Hott. I mean the weather is hot. *puts out a very big umbrella*


tvxqphils_10(Jae: Where were you?) January 29, 2006? I was finalizing my thesis. I was graduating college.

tvxqphils_11The waist. (O_o)

tvxqphils_12Good thing the one who took these is a Jae fan. LOL (Jae: Got lucky.)

tvxqphils_15I should have witnessed these smiles.




tvxqphils_23Ahhh~ I should’ve seen Micky’s  shoulders too. m_(__)_m

tvxqphils_18If only I had known them earlier, I would have— (Jae: Stop the wishful thinking, Lynnie. I’m so glad you’ve known us at all. *hug*)



The product of this shoot:

Wish to see them back here with more fans greeting.

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