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Happy Holloween~

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


I love autumn equinox because there is Halloween. I’m not child a anymore to go on trick-or-treating but in reality there are certain things that I would like to know if I’m tricked or not. 😀

Like for example, my counter for this blog. Do I have to believe that this already has 5,000+ visits? That could be a trick. My friends and relatives could have found this and then they just kept on visiting & refreshing the pages. LOL

I want to tell everybody that there’s nothing in here but a truckload of my mind shi*t. So it’s better that you leave and never return or you’ll smell like hell.  X-P

A couple of news, good or bad or in between, woke me up from my blog hibernation. As a matter of fact, I’m still sleepy like a bat in daylight.

Could this be a trick? My DBSK, particularly my Crebeau boys was granted partial victory. I have this feeling of laughing while hurting at the same time. *no matching emoticon found* I also feel like Jaejoong umma is going to leave Changmin with Yunho appa for a while because Yunho is more financially capable to raise their ravenous youngling. Considering Yunho still has projects in Korea, I guess Jae doesn’t need to pay child support for that.

I also have treats. I saw three godfathers, all dressed in black, in Jae’s  sister’s wedding sans AK47s. If not for Jae’s sister in her wedding dress, I could have thought it was a victory party of some Korean mafia who has successfully shipped “goods” to DPRK. And Changmin… I think he is starting to move his officials in the chess pieces. So it was like I got caramel-coated apples from that good old lady in the neighborhood.

Happy halloween!

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