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Autumn Mixed Nuts Post

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4004074345_bfd31f0967Weeee~! It’s my favorite time of the year! Autumn! The smell of the leaves and the vibrant orangey  earth tones  makes up my mood. It would be nice to enjoy the weather outside with the perfect kimono to match and a dish full of dango—and saki, of course.

*slaps self*

How can a tropical country have autumn and winter? Huhuhuhu (u_u)

Maybe it’s time for a change image and go shopping instead. Kekeke…

I was just back to my usual otaku mode and went to Danny Choo’s website (the haven of nerds, geeks and pervs—ooopsie) and found myself staring at this doll. Haha! Man, the boobs! It’s funny how the Japanese will do anything or everything to forget a boy’s loneliness. LOL

autumn_01Maybe Jaejoong should have one of these.

She also looks like one of the gravure models…

autumn_02Ai Shinozaki. Ai love you. 😀

There’s nothing wrong with liking a gravure model even for a girl, right? Honestly, I wanted to look like her. LOL And yes, it’s obvious that she has nice boobies.


another note


I’m feelin this fanart. I left my YunJae fandom a little bit for Soulmate since COLORS and Yunho went cry-cry. (Y_Y)








I’ve always wondered…

2647534That in this Soulmate relationship, which one is the seme & the uke.
(Sorry. I’m in otaku mode. Anime, manga & yaoi is included.)


But thanks to the fans and their imagination…

28cndioJaejoong assuming the role of a wifey.

He went home with his car keys and a bag full of groceries. Weeee~! That’s so suuweeeeet! What’s cookin’ okaasan?


n12ohkMy baby is cooking at the kitchen! Weeee~! With matching toss and flip over the veggies! Kyaaah~!

autumn_03Oh my goodness gracious. I find the outfit funny but close to reality.

The hankerband, the apron, the cute fluffy slippers… PWNED! If in real life he’s cooking in my kitchen like that I would hug him from the back and never let go. He looks so cool yet so gentle & sensitive. Uhuhuhu (T__T) I want Jae. I want Jae so baaaddddd.

Ahhhh! I hate this! I shouldn’t be excited or brooding over some fanart. Arrrggghhh! I sometimes hate myself. It must be the autumn effect.


I will be murdered

If not by the YunJae and Yoosu fans but by Soulmate themselves… LOL

JCSbaiduBut I would never ever do graphics like this. Hahaha!

I would just let somebody do it for me instead… and post them. LOL

*sigh* I’m way passed that gay issues blah blah blahs. I mean, I sick of it because I know they are not gay. I even do matchmaking for Jae but it’s fun teasing them that way. They themselves are making fun of it too and I guess only mature ones can get what they mean. But there are certain times that a fan could go crazy over their antics take for example…


133_01Yuchun and Jejunko’s wedding engagement. LOL (I wanna squeeze Jae’s arm muscles.)

Actually, I also prefer to be married in autumn or winter too. @#$%@~~!!! I’m getting dizzy of going gaga over this picture. I’ll just knock on wood wishing that my baby is still straight.

I also have a dilemma in mind, if  Soulmate has the same taste in music, clothes and people then there is a possibility that they will like the same girl too. Dang, I hate it when friendships breakup because of a girl. But I doubt anything could break my babies apart.


As the seasons change then so do we. Come Christmas time soon! XD



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