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Something to Spazz: IRIS

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

@#$%^&! asdsadsda! Kyaaaaaahhhhh~! I’m still speechless… Hoooo!


My new addiction and anti-drug at the moment…


It was aired last October 14 but I missed it as usual. (-_-‘) But… one can get it from d-addicts but let’s just keep that in low profile. 😉 LOL Clearly the drama has BIG as in HUUUGE budget like every episode is already like an action movie. I would say that this series is on the top of my tops in my K-drama & J-drama combined.

I just finished watching episode 2 and I thought the action would lay low from episode 1 but it just kept on going. It’s not even dragging. It’s fast-paced and the dialogue is just A++ with Lee Byung Hun’s blunt jokes & Kim Tae Hee’s counter attacks. They bicker a lot on certain scenes but you’ll definitely know that they are so hot for each other. Dang these two have the perfect chemistry…

IRIS_05No need to add special effects because the backdrop is appropriate. Also, it’s not the typical “Asian” kiss.

Ooooh… I love mature dramas.

And, boys, how would you react if the girl of your dreams/ future wife/ sexy bitchy boss went undercover and might have to  sleep with the enemy just to get information ?



Ah yeah~ I thought I might see that. LOL at Byung Hun.


IRIS_02The ever-famous love triangle. Too bad for Sa-Woo that Seung-hee has already set her cap on Mr. G. I. Joe., Hyeon-joon.


Previews non next episode…

photo82934I’m not sure where this is but I got a feeling it’s somewhere in Europe particularly in Austria. Just a guess.



IRIS_01T.O.P. Mr Black?

I can hear VIPs screaming. I have to agree he looks good in a bad boy image. But is it really just an image? Hihihi Dang he speaks good English.


Assassins versus more assassins. Wheew! I can’t wait but look forward for more of Byung Hun’s bon-bons—I mean action!

And I have a feeling that my boys are one of those 30% who are watching this too. XD

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