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DBSK Secrets

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Another pictures from KPopSecrets.

I just want to clear that:

  1. These are not mine. *cross my heart hope to faint*
  2. I am not an anti.
  3. All of these are just for laughs. Take it maturely.


21brv9yAccidents happen but some people do empathize even if he didn’t ask for it. *sigh* Life of a superstar.


2m2gz9jHaha! I’m a YunJae fan too but I am not afraid that there would be a divorce anytime soon. LOL

Ahhh~ whatever. These pairings can sometimes make things complicated even if it’s just secondary or none at all to their music.


rc7zo6Oooh~ sadistic. I’m afraid. Give them more pain. They like it. LOL


e5ry4hHaha! There are one too many writers like that!


308h106LOL. No comment.


2zykhs5Oh you didn’t know? LOL Soulmate is one of the most guarded relationships in Dong Bang. Hahaha!


1yk7ewAhh~ yes. Ditto.



And I do believe in the saying,

If you throw a stone upwards to the sky,
don’t get angry when it drops back down and hits you.

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