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October 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Someone did it again…


Yes, Shun. As in. Although I’m used to it, sick of it already & I don’t really care anymore but this one is different. She copied all of the videos in my post and pasted it all on hers. (Jae: Really? How do you know that it’s from your post?)I don’t really care about reposting those vids but also rephrasing my comments in a manner of how it was arranged in my post will make it too obvious isn’t it? And what’s shocking is that she didn’t credit the main source. (Jae: *also shocked*) It’s okay for me if I’m not credited even though I was the one who translated and  delved deeper into these perplexing sites just to get news and then make an all-in-one comprehensive post to copy. But although I’m just a sharer, I am not ashamed to put where the information came from. To my point of view, it will even add to the accuracy & credibility of the post. It was all in there, the main source and everything there is needed so why can’t she just paste them in her blog too? I say she has to pay respect to the sites/ reporters which made the news with their sweat and blood.

And I don’t care if she is part of a big site or what. I can do whatever I want in my own blog.

(Jae: My wifey is angry?) No just making a point, my love. (^-^)

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