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Waking Up with the Boys

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s so dang cold in this early rainy morning. It’s been raining cats and dogs lately and I wish it would stop for awhile. I love the rain but not this much. Too much rain will cause muddy streets. I hate my footwear to be caked with mud. But if someone will be walking with me on a rainy day like this, under a big umbrella while holding hands then everything will be just perfect. (^.^)



While I was browsing my early morning newspapers (read: SYC & DBSKnights), I found an interesting shot…



(Note: These are supposed to be two pages but I just put them altogether and made it black and white.)


I wish I was the photographer of this shoot. I could be climbing up a little ladder while focusing my viewfinder with these two lying down. Ahh~ Look at their expressions. Looks like they just woke up. I want to wake up with Jaejoong looking like that and greet me a good morning with his bedroom voice. XDDD

*sigh* So much for daydreaming. Gotta go for work, my loves!<3

Pic credits: as tagged + SYC

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