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To the gods on the wall…

I have so wanted to spazz about this month’s issue of Nicola magazine because it’s so full of flower boys! But now that I got the time, I can have them all—all of them—for myself. Muahahahaha!


Credit: rina120924 + sharingyoochun@WP

*thinking about surrounded by these Japanese boys while sitting on Jaejoong’s lap* (_)

(*¬*) *shaken awake* (@_@)

As time goes on, my astonishment on Jae’s popping in every Japanese survey subsides. I expect more to come. As I’ve said I’m too Japanese in my taste. What I like is what Japanese girls like too. LOL Conceited? Hahaha! Maybe it’s the other way around or maybe we just happen to have the same taste? *(^O^)*

*packs for Japan* *airport* *expired passport* *went back to blog*




I just want to post some really sexy photos among some the gods I know mentioned above. Just one of the reasons why they are god-like.



Oguri Shun

01_oguri shun + haruma miura

I will tremble if I’ll see Shun (left). I respect this guy so much. I added him with Haruma Miura (right) because… I don’t need to explain. I’m still not over their Shiseido Fog Bar commercial. 🙂 Oh, it seems like he needs the spray on this picture. LOL

Teppei Koike

02_teppei koike

I will always notice a cutie when I see one so when I was watching Gokusen, one eye goes to Miura while the other goes  to Teppei when they were on the same scene. Cross-eyed with love. (X__X)



He’s really beautiful. Sometimes I want to punch (not pinch) him to see if he’s really human. And then I saw him yawn… Ahhh~ It was cuuuute! \(*O*)/ GACKT-san, kampai! *raises drink*



(Jae: Zutto matte yo kudasai! I’m not even cute in this photo! Lynaeina you’re going to pay for this!)

Kamenashi Kazuya


Kame. God-like Kame is always cool even in interviews. Girls want to be his pillow and the water he’s drinking.  Is he there on the list just because of his name? LOL *joke*

Seto Koji

06_koji seto

He’s like my cute little brother that I want to protect. Haruma starred  in Koizora movie while he was for the 6-part series. The movie still makes me cry.  (T_T) And I learned a lesson which is to bring my keitai always and everywhere.

Yu(u) Shirota


He’s a very tall guy, even taller than Changmin. Just stating a fact. Would that be a reason? Or is it because he kissed Shun a few times for Hana Kimi? LOL I still have to watch Prince of Tennis movie in which he appeared.

Hayami Mokomichi

08_hayami mokomichi

The zettai kareshi! Tall, dark & handsome. Most usually Filipinos are. He’s half. It’s the same girl who went to bed with my ex-husband Jun Matsumoto during his an-an photoshoot. LOL

I wish Jaejoong can be bought with a box which I need to kiss him to be activated. Then I’ll wait for the day when he’ll say, “Can we have sex?” Bwahahahaha! I will throw him out to the river. (Jae: I know you won’t because—) *covers Jae’s mouth*

Ahh, Joongie, you think I didn’t watch the series nor follow the manga? You’re wrong. (Jae: I never doubted it actually.)

Hiroki Narimiya


This is a picture of a god. He’s so f*ckable. Ooopps! What was he doing on the bowl? Ehem! Haha! My imagination runs wild. He wanted to be God in Bloody Monday. The readers think he is.

Yuichi Nakamura

10_yuichi nakamura

Honestly I’m not a fan of  D-Boys so I don’t know much about him but he’s cute. He is cosplaying my favorite Gundam 00 meiser, Lockon Stratos, here so I can’t resist to post it. XD

Hiro Mizushima

11_hiro mizushima

*sigh* Married. *sigh* Already has a baby. (Y_Y) But I’m still a fan! Don’t worry, Hiro. I’m just sad that the good boys in the world are taken early and are depleting. Good thing he can understand fanmails written in English.

Yamamoto Yusuke

12_yusuke yamamoto

I don’t really know why the Japanese like him. To be honest, I am not feeling anything about him. He looks like a— (Jae: *covers my mouth*)

Mukai Asamu

13_mukai osama

There is a long spread of this picture but just to make this post friendly to the minors, I just posted the cover. LOL He’s also f*ckable and it looks like he’s good in bed. The last time I saw him was with Atashinchi no Danchi and he was so yummy oozing with sex appeal.



Oh my gosh I’m so happy and spoiled with too much boys. So spoiled that I want Jaejoong to buy me a McDonald’s Happy Meal most specifically this Japanese  Happy Meal:

Japanese McDonald’s Gets Exclusive Tamagotchi Anime


Bandai has announced that children’s “Happy Set” meals available from Japanese McDonald’s restaurants on November 7 & 8 will include an exclusive Tamagotchi! Special DVD featuring original animation and a music video of “Tamagotchi Planet idol Lovelyn’s” hit song “‘Every Lovely.

The latest Tamagotchi! anime television series will premiere on Japanese TV on the 12th.

Source: Anime News Network

I would like to thank the sponsors:

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I find meaning on Jae’s appearances on polls there. When Keita Tachibana of w-inds said that he was depressed because they were still not accepted after all the hard work they have done, then I guess this is it! Being the only Korean in this magazine says so. The Japanese doesn’t see you as Korean now, Jae, but as one of them. It’s difficult to explain but in order for this post not to be any longer, I’ll just say that to be loved by the Japanese is to shred some of your nationality. So bash me. Jaejoong is already Japanese. (U_U)

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