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Soulmate’s Ideal Girlfriend

Honestly, I would only listen to Soulmate when it comes to talking about themselves.

An Ideal Future Girlfriend For Each Other

YC: Want to go first?
JJ: You go first.
YC: I have never said anything to HERO until now. To sum up what I have felt all this time…
JJ: …wonder if the other members will say the same thing.
YC: HERO is… The girl…
JJ: *acting shocked*
YC: …shouldn’t have big gestures.
JJ: *deep sigh of relief*
YC: Why? Did others tell you something?
JJ: That the girl should control me? And have a hold on me?
YC: Ahh~ *waves pointy finger* I don’t agree with it.
JJ: *waves pointy finger too* You’re really a type O.
YC: I don’t think so.
JJ: HERO needs…
YC: You’re different.
JJ: For example, if he’s dating, I really don’t know the little details because I’m not the one who’s dating but just think that in the process of dating, I’m sure both of them have their side of the story. But unless theres a big difference, they will last long.

*looks at each other*

JJ: *acting surprised*
YC: In putting it in a simple way… HERO’s like this, he thinks a certain way. And he believes that’s right. Everyone thinks the same. And he wants a girl to trust him and follow his way. I’m sure people have different ways of expressing things but if a girls trusts him and lets him do it his way, itll last long time.
JJ: *puts both hands on both cheeks* *surprised*
YC: Right?
JJ: Yes.
YC: The way I see it, it’s not like doing everything his way but…
JJ: *keeps pointing at YC while nodding head*
YC: …they may have differences but by being patient, and try to build a long relationship, will be great. I see it as a big picture.
JJ: It’s a bit hard to understand but a good explanation.
YC: It is hard to understand the question.
JJ: For Micky, the girl has to be like lemon.
YC: Then I’m tequila?
JJ: Hey come on, we always talk about alcohol. ALL ABOUT TVXQ! DVD is…
YC: *laughs*
JJ: Members are getting older and have social life…
YC: Right… Right…
JJ: Start to drink. *difficulty explaining* Many chances to get together for a drink. It is a necessity in social life.
YC: Right.
JJ: I admit we have many stories of drinking. But talking too much about it…
YC: Drink too much.
JJ: But…
YC: Milk.
JJ: Like lemon because Micky likes refreshing… Not refreshing… You know like this… Sparks…
YC: Stimulating.
JJ: He likes girls with many sparks.
YC: *laugh*
JJ: What?
YC: You’re right.
JJ: Need to be stimulated. He doesn’t like comfortable relationships. Has to be lemon. Lemon tastes good. It’s delicious. It’s delicious but when you take a bite, the sourness makes you go… *gives sour expression while acting as if eating lemon*
YC: Remember the expression. When you go on air later and eat a lemon, you have to look just like that.
JJ: It’s very sweet and has great scent but stimulating.
YC: Tingling.
JJ: Right.
YC: That’s what HERO is getting at. It’s not given that I have to be nice to that girl. I want to be nice of course but not because I have to but a girl that makes me want to be nice.
JJ: Hmmm.
YC: It has to be that way.
JJ: Right.

Source: Soulmate Couple Talk, All About DBSK 3 Disc 2

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