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Conversations in My Mind

Just thinking out loud…

Jae: Hey… I was looking for you.
Me: (cannot hear a thing) (on headphones with Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel)
Jae: (snagged JBLs from my ears)
Me: What the—oh it’s you.
Jae: Uhuh. I was looking for you.
Me: Mo? Why?
Jae: Didn’t you know?
Me: No. Know what?
Jae: That SYC is looking for new admins?
Me: Oh that.
Jae: Why? Why look like that? You’re not interested? Come on. I know you love that blog. I can always see that blog on your tabs along with DBSKnights & YouTube.
Me: Jae, please… Don’t start with me.
Jae: Come on. Just send a few details and then we’ll see! Knowing you too well. I know you want it because I know ya. I know you want it because I know ya.
Me: (sighs)
Jae: Puhleeaase? (blink blink)
Me: Why are you pushing me this?
Jae: Because your unselfish alter ego says so?
Me: Haha! Not qualified. There are other girls there that are so eager to take the job and tenured too if you ask me. They’ve been your fans for like what? Since your debut. And what am I to that?
Jae: So? To me you’re more than qualified. You’re just being selfish not to try. (turns back to me.)
Me: Jae… I have my reasons. Three actually.
Jae: Try me.
Me: Well… First, do you know what will happen to SYC when I’ll become an admin there?
Jae: You’re not even accepted yet.
Me: Yeah. I know. What will happen is that it will become from SYC to SYJae.
Jae: Bwahahaha! (slamming hand on table) Hahahahahaha!
Me: Don’t laugh. It’s true. I can’t think of blogging anything but you.
Jae: But the thing is you like DBSK, our songs and you like blogging, right? Plus you have lots of free time. Please spare you time for the fans—for us. Just try to minimize blogging about me just a bit and then that’ll be fine. Anyway, you’re just gonna be posting pictures there and not translating.
Me: Right. My Japanese sucks.
Jae: Second reason?
Me: Is that—this is lame, by the way—
Jae: As if your first reason isn’t? (rolls eyes)
Me: Blogging about your BFF Yoochun is fine. Junsu is fine. Yunho is also fine. But Changmin…
Jae: Wha—what about Changmin?
Me: Blogging about him is a little too much for me.
Jae: Whaaaat? Changmin?!? The prince Changmin? The ever handsome Changmin who has the most beautiful girls pining after him is hard to blog? This is unexpected!
Me: That’s exactly the reason why I’ll be having a hard time. It’s because I don’t want to blog about a person who is more beautiful than you.
Jae: Bwahahahahahahahaha! (ROFTLMAO) Lynnie, you’re so unbelievable! Hahahahaha!
Me: I’m serious.
Jae: Okay. (trying to hold in another laugh) Okay. Unbelievable. It’s ridiculous.
Me: I hate to say, “I told you so.”
Jae: Fine. Even though I like what you said that you don’t like Changmin but for the sake of all the members just close your eyes when you post something about him.
Me: I’m not sure if I can do that.
Jae: Then just think about doing it for me.
Me: Okay. (nods)
Jae: Third?
Me: Anti-fans, bashers and haters?
Jae: (smirks) My girl, Lynnie, do you think you don’t have haters for blogging about me?
Me: I do.
Jae: Then let them hate you more because haters have no life. What matters most is that you love what you’re doing. Just ignore them as we do and help spread the love.
Me: (sighs deep)
Jae: True fans will stand by us no matter what. They will prevail. So…?
Me: (thinks) You have a point.
Jae: Are you going to submit your credentials?
Me: Hahaha! You make it sound like I’m applying for the highest position in AVEX.
Me: (nods faintly) (murmuring vaguely)
Jae: What’s that again?
Me: I’ll try. But don’t blame me if I won’t be accepted.
Jae: I won’t! Ahhhhh! You make me happy, Lynnie, just by trying! (bear hugs tightly)
Me: Jae, I can’t breathe.

*typing email* Jae is such a nagger. (¬_¬”)

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  1. sharingyoochun
    October 12, 2009 at 7:43 PM


    this is cute! XDDD

    so Changmin is more beautiful than Jaejoong???
    I’m so kidnapping that kid XDD

    • lynaeina
      October 12, 2009 at 8:00 PM

      Although I hate to admit it, Chompoo, yes there are times which Changmin is cuter. Hihi And I have to keep that from Jae. 😉

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