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Oozing with JEs and such…

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Sho never fails to put up a good show… LOL

Sakurai Sho Touts ‘Masculinity’!


On September 17th the Arashi members appeared in their own TV variety program ‘ひみつの嵐ちゃん / Secret Arashi’s TV Show’. The actress Inoue Mao guest starred in the program, and was asked about her type. She replied that she liked men who have a ‘masculine’ side, especially those who can wolf down their food. So the Arashi members each took turns eating gyudon [牛丼 bowl of rice topped with beef] in what they thought was a manly fashion! Before the competition, Inoue had told Sakurai Sho that she wasn’t exactly fond of men who have stooped shoulders. Eager to prove that he could be Inoue’s type, Sakurai cracked eggs with his head, applied an unseemly amount of red peppers and red pickled gingers to his gyudon, and promptly stuffed them into his mouth. He then claimed that the gyudon had ‘no taste’, and did the unthinkable. He drank the sweet sauce used for the gyudon right from the bottle! But after all the trouble he went to, Inoue chose Matsumoto. Sakurai’s desperate moves didn’t seem to impress Inoue…but Aiba told Sakurai “That was the best laugh I had for this year!” Maybe it wasn’t all in vain!

Source: Music Japan Plus

The whole show is here: (If I haven’t really missed anything.)


And on another note…

Which Actor Would You Want as Your Boyfriend?


Recently an online store revealed the results of a survey in which female respondents were asked which actor they would like to have as their boyfriend. The Arashi members Matsumoto and Sakurai came in respectively at No.1 and No.2! The 40 year old Fukuyama Masaharu succeeded in fending off a legion of young, popular actors and took 3rd place. Although his main occupation is a singer/songwriter, he is also well known as an actor and has appeared in various TV dramas and movies. Up and coming Mukai Osamu was ranked No.4. He appeared in the TV dramas ‘アタシんちの男子 / Atashinchi no Danshi [lit. The Boys Living in My House]’ and ‘メイちゃんの執事 / Mei-chan no Shitsuji [lit. Mei-chan’s Butler]’. No.5 was Satoh Takeru who starred in the movie ‘ROOKIES -卒業- / ROOKIES -Sotsugyo- [graduation]’. The No.6 and No.7 spots were each taken by Mizushima Hiro and Kamiji Yusuke, who both appeared in the film ‘ドロップ / DROP’. Oguri Shun, Yamashita Tomohisa, Ninomiya Kazunari followed. The top 10 spots were practically dominated by multi-talented young actors and Johnny’s members!

Source: Music Japan Plus

So to look at the list:

  1. Jun Matsumoto
  2. Sho Sakurai
  3. Fukuyama Masaharu
  4. Mukai Osamu
  5. Satoh Takeru
  6. Mizushima Hiro
  7. Kamiji Yusuke
  8. Oguri Shun
  9. Yamashita Tomohisa
  10. Ninomiya Kazunari

Mostly JEs indeed. And my ex-husband still reigns when it comes to the “ikemen”s in acting.

Johnny’s membe
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