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Wanna be Hatsuratsu for Joongie?

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Oronamin C’s feel-the-song contest. I can’t imagine myself doing THE MOVES. LOL

『元気ハツラツぅ?オロナミンC 東方神起 元気ひとりじめキャンペーン』 実施のお知らせ。


『元気ハツラツぅ?オロナミンC 東方神起 元気ひとりじめキャンペーン』の実施が決定しました!




Source: toho-jp

Now that looks like the Shouyo Kouto voice strap. Joongie’s sooo contagious.

[Hatsuratsu U Doing? TVXQ for Oronamin C] Hatsuratsu Campaign Implementation


Bodily sensation is possible, TVCM of Oronamin C in OA with entire country.

* Prize Winners →           Super Giant Poster → Dong Bang Shin Ki & Oronamin C singinging voice strap ♪ 20 winners of the draw-lots in 5,000 people will also win a whopping autographed poster.

* Start of accepting applicants →          2009 year November 1st (Sunday)

For more information regarding the campaign visit the following site on October 30th (Friday):

http://www.otsuka.co.jp/orc/tohoshinki ( PC only)

If only I could just get my hands on those voice straps. But maybe I should practice my singing and dancing first. ♪Doushite… Doushite kimi no copy…♪ LOL

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