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Oguri experiencing memory loss?

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In his lines that is… (~_^)

Oguri Loses Memory While Filming ‘TAJOMARU’?


The actor Oguri Shun made an astonishing revelation about an incident that happened during the filming of the movie ‘TAJOMARU’, in which he plays the lead character. He talked about how he suffered memory loss by becoming too engrossed in his role…

The whole filming of the movie ‘TAJOMARU’ took two months. Since there was no time to go back to Tokyo, everyone stayed near the filming location. Oguri said it was an ideal environment to concentrate on acting…

The main character played by Oguri does all he can to save his most beloved person from drowning in a deep swamp.
Oguri went over the things he can recall about that scene. “The director said ‘Aaand, action!’ I remember everything up to the point where I started running towards Ako. Then, the next thing I knew I was taking a bath.
He said he could not remember a thing about what actually took place during that scene.

Immediately after Oguri finished wading in minus zero degrees Celsius swamp waters, the staff plunged him into a hot tub placed nearby.
That was when he finally recognized that the filming of the scene was over.
At that point I recovered my senses. But tears started welling up of their own accord…
It was a sign that he had truly become one with the character.

Oguri happily commented about the experience. “It was the first time that sort of thing happened to me. I never had thought I could become so focused on my role. That was a really good moment.” A few days after he had filmed the swamp scene, he received even more unexpected news.
I later found out that the scene didn’t make the final cut. That was too bad, but those sorts of things happen when editing films.” Oguri smiled, but somewhat ruefully.
Oguri Shun fans will no doubt love to watch the scene. Let’s hope it’s included in the DVD version.

The movie ‘TAJOMARU’ is set in medieval Japan, and is about a man who first leads an easy life by being the second born son of a prestigious family. But after experiencing a slew of betrayals for loving a certain woman too much, he eventually becomes the great robber Tajomaru. The life of Tajomaru is vividly and stylishly depicted by the director Nakano Hiroyuki…

Source: Music Japan

Oh my… Oh my… He really worked hard for it. The trailer is sooo full of angst. And it’s medieval Japan! “So definitely worth a try!”

And on another note, he’s becoming a lecturer!

Becoming a lecturer at Tokyo Univ., speaking about「the condition of a leader」


小 栗旬/Oguri Shun(26)appealed as a guest lecturer at Tokyo University held in Hongo, Tokyo. He is starring in a movie 「TAJOMARU タジョウマル」, released on 12th, which is based on 芥川龍之介/Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s novel 「藪の中」/Yabunonaka, a story of “多襄丸”/Tajomaru, a main character.

In front of 150 people Oguri said , “I’m so overwhelmed. I didn’t even go to high school diligently, and I’m here now.” As the answer of ‘what is the condition of a leader in Japan?’

Regarding the current political situation, he said, “It’s a difficult question,” and seemed to think deeply. Later, the MC asked him, “You acted a chairman in the movie. Anything you prepared for it?” and Oguri answered, “Just to make a fun mood for everyone.

Neh? (?_?) But I wouldn’t mind if he’s going to be my lecturer in Med class forever!

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