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Anime Movie Rebirth of Buddha to Hit Theaters in October

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Here’s one anime that I would not like to see because it’s totally fiction but pretty interesting. Honestly I just wan to watch it because of its animation. Happy Science.

bs_1680_1050This poster is similar to Independence Day without the White House.

The controversial religious organization Happy Science (Kōfuku no Kagaku) is sponsoring the October 17 release of the anime film adaptation of The Rebirth of Buddha (Buddha Saitan) book by its founder, Ryuho Okawa. The film illustrates Happy Science’s belief that the religious figure Buddha will return “when the world sinks into darkness.” Takaaki Ishiyama (Sakura Wars, MapleStory, Chaos;HEAd) is directing the project at Group TAC. Ami Koshimizu leads a cast that also includes Hiroyuki Yoshino, Takehito Koyasu, Kotono Mitsuishi, and Ryoko Shiraishi.

Happy Science had previously sponsored three movies (The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Eternity) based on the writings of its founder, as well as Hermes – Winds of Love and a film about Nostradamus. The group fielded 17 candidates for Japan’s legislature earlier this year — including Kindaichi Case Files manga artist Fumiya Sato in the home district of the current prime minister and self-professed manga fan, Tarō Asō.

Source: ANN

It’s trailer is sooo… so.

Their official website is cool: http://www.buddha-saitan.jp/. It gives an environment that anytime soon we’ll be attacked by aliens and the Matrix is breached.

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